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Which position do I accept?


I have two job offers coming in, and I need help deciding which would be best. For the sake of argument, let's say that the pay would be equal or commensurate, because I would negotiate that since I have two offers. :)

My background: BSN for 5 years, prior experience as a teacher and case manager for 5 years. I have done relief charge, and bedside nursing in neonatal intensive care and adult critical care.

Job 1: Clinical Nurse Manager of a growing multi-specialty surgical practice. This is a new position with the promise that the other specialties also want a CNM too. Managing MA's, developing and educating staff, writing policy and procedure, data management, filling in clinically (one day/week is definitely a specialty clinical day). The small practice serves as my resource, but since this is a new position, there will be very little mentorship or training.

Job 2: VA outpatient clinic. Float RN in an outpt clinic. Great benefits, good pay, stable. Transferable.

Which would you take? And why?

Certainly someone has an opinion? Hmm.

Just based on what you included in your post, I would take the VA job. It's more known and the benefits are outstanding.

My bet is that this new position in the surgical practice will have you stretched pretty thin and I'd be less inclined to take it unless you're using it as a stepping stone in a specific direction.

VA... It's a "known quantity"... The other job has a lot of variables... Plus, it sounds like they are expecting you to function as a staff nurse and manager... Managing the area alone ( with the policy writing, oversight) is a full time job... I worry you'd be spread pretty thin...

BTW, my background is critical care, I took a position at the VA 4 years ago and am happy that I did!

klone, MSN, RN

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Do you WANT to be a manager?

I cannot answer this question. The two positions are drastically different so I think it comes down to what do you want to do? If your heart isn't in management take the VA position. If you are really wanting a management position...why consider the VA position? You have a variety of experience in different areas and a lateral move seems unnecessary unless you are wanting to do management within VA. Just my thoughts. Good luck!

Thank you! I see myself in mgmt at some point either way. I neglected to mention this. But it would be a staff RN VA CBOC job with the hopes of moving up and around later (plus pay and hours are better than where I am now) or take a mgmt job right away but with little support. Thank you for your insights!

I do think that I would like to move into management but I don't feel like I can fully affirm this until I have done it.

This is also my concern. It COULD be an amazing opportunity. Or it could be throwing myself into the fire.

I'm partial.

VA CBOC sounds awesome.

Well just to update everyone! I am so thankful for all of your insights. I spent several days stewing over this and feeling drawn to the VA position the whole time. The surgical clinic called and made my decision for me. The offer was way low (I was surprised actually, and I think the person doing comps wasn't familiar with the nursing field). So I declined.

I feel very excited about my VA prospects and feel like I needed to go to another interview and get and decline another offer to be certain. And now I am certain of where I want to be. í ½í¸Š So refreshing and thank you everyone!