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  1. NV Nurse

    EMEDS Training Question!

    Calling all nurses who have been through Air Force EMEDS!!!! I am slotted to go through EMEDS at the end of April. While I am really looking forward to the experience, I have a questions... On the packing list/reporting instructions, it says reference books, what did you take (I am in a critical care slot)? Any words of advice? Thank you in advance! Erin
  2. NV Nurse

    Best shoes for nursing

    I like running shoes or Sanitas. I switch between the two.
  3. NV Nurse

    VA Job Offer

    The board looks at your write up and experience. With only 29 months under your belt, it's a good offer. Getting a Nurse II is not easy. Also, because your masters is not in nursing, it's not really considered in the boarding process. Congratulations on your new job!
  4. NV Nurse

    BSN to RN or to MSN?

    An MSN is a general term for your Masters of Science in Nursing... An NP is a Nurse Practitioner... While an NP may have an MSN, they may also have a DNP... Also, a RN with an MSN may have their Masters in Nursing Education, Administration, Informatics, Clinical Nurse Leader, etc....
  5. NV Nurse

    Starting out in a hospital?

    I started in critical care as a day shifter... Basically, the experienced nurses did not want to move from nights to days...I was lucky. Most new grads start on nights...as many people mentioned, nights is probably a better place to start... Often times it's slower paced (few families, procedures, doctors😉)with more time to learn...downsides: less support (doctors, fewer staff....) Both shifts have positives... As a new grad, be happy if you can get into your area of choice. Good luck
  6. NV Nurse


    I remember those days... Now 6.5 years in, they seem like a bad dream. I started in critical care and many days I'd go home, cry, pray I did not harm anyone... As you gain knowledge and confidence it gets easier. Best advice I can give is stick with it and if possible, find an experienced co-worker, who you respect, and tell them how you are doing. Having a mentor at work was so helpful! Good luck! It does get better!
  7. NV Nurse

    Question for AF Reserve Nurses

    I've been in critical care for almost 7 years and I love it. If I move away from the bedside, big if, I'd still want to work per diem in ICU to maintain my skills and CCRN. Thanks for your insight!
  8. NV Nurse

    Question for AF Reserve Nurses

    I have a question for the AF Reserve RN's. I was accepted into a Critical Care Position and took my oath in July. I am currently waiting to in-process into my unit. So, here is my question. I will be finishing my MSN in December and I am considering my career progression. A co-worker who is in the Navy told me that I have to have so many civilian critical care hours to maintain my position (which does make sense). Any insight into the "rules" would be appreciated. I don't want to look into jobs that would make me loose eligibility for the Air Force Reserves. Thanks, Erin
  9. NV Nurse

    Does the VA prefer to hire internally?

    It really depends... If there is a qualified applicant, I think the VA, like most employers, would rather hire from within... That being said, as mentioned previously, the VA values education and training. I was hired in the the VA as a critical care nurse in 2012. I think coming into the system as a bedside nurse is easier then if you are trying to move into an auxiliary position. Just my thoughts! Good luck! The VA is a great place to be!