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First of all, my name is Alex Kloers and I am new to the Site. I am a Phlebotomist. My age is 21 and I oive in Miami.I already did my prerequisites for the LPN/LVN program but I seem to be at a fork in my road. The LPN program is what I have had in mind to put full commitment into since day one. However, my counselor asked if I was interested in the Surgical Technician program. My goal in life is to be a Doctor. I was told that I can only choose one program because both are very similiar and are the same length (14-16 months). Both programs begin on Jan. 12 and I am still indecisive in which path to take. Reasons why; I heard that being an LPN, I will get hired faster than a Surgucal Tech. I also heard that Surgical techs usually get hired fast if they have connections (which I dont). I would like some opinions and referrals please and thank you.

By the way, I gratuated top of my class in Phlebotomy and got almost perfect 90s in the TEAS. PLEASE consider location. Thank you in Advance!

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Ay ay ay.....way too much personally identifying information in this post.

Doctor and nurse are different educational paths. If you want to be a doctor, pursue that.


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I would choose LPN. LPNs have more options for jobs. LPNs can be surgical techs, surgical techs can't be LPNs. As the poster above said being a nurse and being a doctor are two different paths. Choose one or the other.

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My goal in life is to be a Doctor.
If your goal is to be a doctor, you need to go to medical school, not nursing school and definitely not surgical technology school. Doctors practice medicine under the medical model of care provision, whereas nurses practice nursing under the nursing model.

You need to earn a baccalaureate degree, preferably a BS, in a major that will allow you to take the typical medical school prerequisites as electives. Once you earn the baccalaureate degree, you apply to medical schools, and you should be accepted if your GPA and test scores are competitive.


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Considering your location, I would say the LPN program. It's not extremely long and is a way to start working while still going through school for a much longer program. But read up on job postings as if you were already licensed so you know what to expect in your area for employment.

However, since your true passion is to become a medical Doctor, you need to be pursuing that. School is very expensive and can become overwhelming over time depending on what life throws at you, so you should work towards what you plan on doing as your ultimate career. Just my two cents. Good Luck! ;)


PS- That was a lot of personal information given on a public site that will remain for years to come. Not wise or needed to add it in.