Which issues are most important to you as a nurse?

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  1. Which of the following two nursing issues is most important to you?

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      Working conditions
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      Financial compensation

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Of all the current issues in nursing that need to be addressed, which ONE of the TWO choices above is most important to you?

1. Working conditions-

i.e. mandated safe and reasonable nurse to pt ratios, safe and reasonable work loads, ban on mandatory over-time, supplies and equipment being in working order and available, mgmt and docs treating nurses in a respectful way, nurses having a voice in mgmt decisions, having systems in place to streamline nursing interactions w/ other depts, such as rx, lab, x-ray, dietary. Flexable shifts, scheduling. Having ancillary staff to do non-nursing work, i.e. housekeeping must empty trash cans, not nurses, units having ward clerks, effective back injury prevention and violence on the job prevention programs.

2. Financial compensation-

Higher wages for nurses, better health-care ins w/ greater employer contribution, employee retirement plans, nurses remaining eligible for overtime pay, tuition reimburment, sign on bonuses.

Please comment if what's most important to you is not here.


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I would rather work in an environment that I feel that my license is not in jeapordy or that I am risking the lives of my patients. If I loose my liscence I will have no job.

I like having money to do the things I want to do but I would rather work in an environment that I am happy at. I love my current job. I like my fellow co-workers. I feel that I am treated fairly. We are following the new California pt ratios. We usually have enough support staff. I know there are other facilities in my area that pay more but I don't want to risk losing what I have now.


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Hands down working conditions. I would take less money for a better work environment. That said, I wouldn't work for an absurdly low pay. I just want to be reasonably compensated and like my workplace. Where I work now, I actually took a pay cut to accept the position, and I don't regret it for a second.


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I want them both! Am I a bad nurse?:eek:

If pressed, decent working conditions make mediocre pay tolerable.

I agree with NurseMegA and fergus51. I wouldn't work at some hospitals for a million bucks. I need a pleasant work environment, otherwise there's just no point.

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Originally posted by donmurray

I want them both! Am I a bad nurse?:eek:

If pressed, decent working conditions make mediocre pay tolerable.

Me too. I want both! But would absolutely say #1. The pay isn't worth it, as evidenced by the nursing shortage and people leaving the profession.


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No amount of$$$$$$can possibly make up for bad conditions. On the other hand I know from experience both as an employer out side of health care and having worked in and out of health care itself that even when money is very short good conditions keep people hanging on.

I employ several people out side of health care. We don't pay much. We offer no benefits. Yet our people stay because they tell us they enjoy working for us over anyone else.

Some have second jobs out of necessity but they tell us if they did not have to work any place else they would work for us exclusively.

We have even let people go or had them quit and they still keep comming back to "help out" sometimes refusing pay.

If conditions are bad you cannot possible make it up to me with more $$$. My sanity, self respect, health and safety are too important.

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