Which brand is better and more durable cherokee or dickies?

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Hi, Iam confused between cherokee and dickies medical uniforms that which one is more better and durable and more reasonable?

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Dickies IMHO are more durable. I've had the Cherokee label fall off on my Cherokee scrubs while my dickies are still in good condition.

I used to prefer the Dickies brand because the fabric was thicker and more durable. Tough stuff. But noticed that the company changed fabric content some time back to a thinner fabric that more closely resembles competitors, including Cherokee. I also no longer like the fit of the sleeves on Dickies tops, so have moved on to a roomier Cherokee Core Stretch unisex top and have returned to the Uniform Advantage Butter Soft top. Just stocked up on what I hope to be my last set of new uniforms.

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It really depends on the line you are buying. Both have similar cheap products to more expensive. I have switched to different labels but the Dickie's line that was more "youth geared" was pretty good six years ago. Cherokee was okay but I think I bought a cheaper line. I think I may have liked the equivalent "youth" line but the pants ripped.

I can't think of what their names were but basically a lot of pockets and cargo pants style.

Edit: I think it was gen flex for Dickies that held out pretty well. I think I may have used Cherokee Workwear since a top looks similar and that line seems to be a bit cheaper than thd gen flex.

l found in my experience that the Cherokee Workwear line is supper cheap and not comfortable. But i found that the Cherokee Infinity line is awesome! really comfortable and practical!

In the UK, both Cherokee (https://www.simonjersey.com/shop-all-brands-c3638/cherokee-medical-c4836) and Dickies (https://www.simonjersey.com/shop-all-brands-c3638/dickies-medical-c6422) are increasingly gaining traction as the recognised brands for Nurses (both in the public and private sector). Infinity is also splitting apart from Cherokee as its own standalone brand (https://www.simonjersey.com/infinity-c6430).

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