Which book is good for pharmacology ?

Nursing Students NCLEX


I don't see pharma in details in hurst review , so wt material is super good for pharma nclex rn ?

Pls help !!!

9781437709056.jpg This is what I have been using to study. It comes with a cd with lots of questions and a specific pharm section. I know they have an RN version too. I also use the ATI testing website. Hope this helps.
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I used my Kaplan RN course book that was given to those who took the course. This might be the latest edition: Amazon.com: The RN Course Book Preparation for The NCLEX-RN Examination Fourteenth Edition: Books

There were a number of pages on the medications. I broke them down into categories (respiratory/pain meds, endocrine meds, GI, Cardiac, Eye/bone meds, etc

I ended up choosing one category to read per day. I started this about 3-4 weeks before the NCLEX. So, I read them over 3-4 times total. I pretty much just jotted down the most common s/s with each class I was working on and anything else out of the ordinary. I didn't go overboard with the meds.

I took my nclex yesterday and although I got a few pharmacology questions most of the questions I was able to infer from the question or the answers the answers to the questions. But the main ones I did see was Acetaminophen and Zantax. Its really impossible to know all the drugs.

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