Which is better Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center vs. Conroe Reg. Med. Ct


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We are moving in Houston area in 2 months, thank God it was easy to find a job over there knowing I have less than 1 yr experience. Im torn between Memorial Hermann Memorial city med. center or Conroe Regional medical center? Conroe is booming they said and schools has such high ratings, I dont know about Memorial. Though Memorial has been there for a long time. Anybody familiar of these hospital in Houston TX area?

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I will be starting IMCU days at memorial city April 4th so I will keep you posted!!

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OK - Full disclosure -- I'm a bit biased because I live in the Memorial City area. Memorial City Hospital was built in 1972 & became part of the Memorial-Hermann system in the 90's. Named as one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the US. The campus has grown a lot & is very modern & upscale.

Mem City hospital campus is directly across the street from a terrific upscale mall, close to a wide variety of housing options & in the midst of one of the (top rated) Spring Branch school district. Since it's pretty much in the middle of a fairly affluent part of town (Memorial Villages), it has all the amenities you would expect. Only 15 miles from downtown & 30 minutes from theater district, Texans stadium, baseball stadium, theater district, museum district, Texas Medical Center, etc. etc.... and 1 hour from the beach.

Conroe???? hmm - I'll have to get back to you on that one. . . . :down:


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Thanks HouTx!

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Honestly it depends on where you will be living and your commute to work preference, because these two facilities are quite far from each other. Do you know what area of town you'll be living in? If you PM me I can suggest some facilities near near you if you prefer to have shorter commute. I have a good friend that works at the Memorial city Hermann location and she loves it even though it's about a 40-45 minute drive, but that because she was able to switch to her dream job in L&D and get out of the IMU where she was miserable. I live North of the beltway and will be working at Conroe Regional. Good luck to you and welcome to H-town :)


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Memorial Hermann. It is Beautiful and as a patient, top notch. I get discounted service from the hospital I work at, but I love memorial Hermann so much that I paid the extra.