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WHERE Should I Take the NCLEX?


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I'm looking to complete my BSN at a Florida nursing school but intend on relocating to New York thereafter. What is easier after graduation: (1) taking the NCLEX in NY since that is where I intend on being licensed primarily, or (2) taking the NCLEX in FL and then applying for reciprocity in NY?

I guess my basic question is: what would be faster track for a NY license? This is of course assuming I pass the exam and am deemed eligible for a license. Common sense and logic tells me to take it in NY naturally, but was wondering if other students here have experienced the same situation.

I'm still working on my prereqs for nursing school; just planning ahead - thanks!! :D

If you are planning on living and working in NY, then you should apply for a NY license and take the NCLEX there. You can always endorse back to FL should you decide to move back in the future.

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