Where do I start in Aesthetics Nursing?


Hi everyone! I am a new graduate nurse from Houston Texas, working in Med/Surg for about 4 months now. I DEFINITELY know that it's not where I want to be nor am meant to be! I am just trying to gain my "basic" experience and hang in there for as long as I can before moving on (because I dread going to work in this department). I have always had an interest in the cosmetic area of nursing and I am just trying to get some insight as to where to begin? I have no experience in the field but I want to gain some and I have to start somewhere! This is something I want to start asap because when I get it, I'm out! Any tips on where to begin or who to call would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks y'all! 😉

I'm interested in the advice on this as well.

Thanks. Do they offer training or what is it that you know about them? Thank you!!

Thank you so much, do you happen to know anything about The salary in this line of work as a registered nurse?

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Training is provided by them
Hi Besaangel, are you Jamaican?

Also, is it true a nurse can make 6 figure incomes working under a surgeon? I had a coworker tell me she knew a Jamaican RN who worked with a surgeon making bank and did real estate on the side. She would travel all around the world and take a month off to go to Jamaica from time to time.

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I am Jamaican lol

I am unsure about the specific salary at a surgeon's office but I can definitely seeing where it could come close to that.

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I am so happy I found this thread! I'm looking too :)


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does anyone have any updates? I'm interested in this as well!! :)