Where do I go to school to be a CNA?

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I live in southern California. Have been in the Yellow Pages, on the phone and on the Internet for half the day -- and I can't find a school!! Is there some ischool 'SOMEWHERE" that just pops out CNAs -- but the BIG Mystery is to find out where it is??? :chuckle


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To the one who has been all over this BB and still wants to do it!

Here's a link that lists all the California State approved schools for CNA training. Good Luck!


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I live in SC. The CNA classes are offer through tech. schools here. You may want to check with LTC facilities, too. I am going through LTC to get mine. They pay for it and sponsor you to take the state test here, but only one in my area offers it. Check out these options and see what you find. Good luck to you!

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Nursing homes and community colleges should have CNA classes.


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Thank you all so much! I found exactly what I wanted!


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anyone know of links in NJ besides going through a nursing home? Anyone in the philly area know the salary for aids? THanks!


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Many acute care facilities will train you to become a CNA & offer good orientations -- they will pay you to learn. Save your money -- update your resume, get some references, and apply to the best facility in your area -- DON'T PAY -- let THEM pay you. Good luck.


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