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Where is a good city to work as an LPN I'm thinking about relocating

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Hi, I'm thinking about relocating and was just wondering what cities seem to be the best for LPN? Obviously I would like somewhere warm lol, decent pay and good school district

sallyrnrrt, ADN, RN

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Houston Texas, or rural as SETex...type of places you may want to consider

If you're open to working in a nursing home, a lot of the nursing homes in Redding, CA will pay $23-25/hr starting. It's the second sunniest city in the US. It gets hot in the summer... but compared to cost of living in the state of California it's very reasonable. If you're an outdoor person there's a lot to do around the town. It's my hometown, I miss it all the time!


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NYC, starting pay $25hr, plenty of work here. Just the cost of living is higher, ex Rent ..... We have Plenty of nurses that live in NJ, or Pennsylvania where it's cheaper, that commute here for work...

Best Wishes

Might reconsider now, soooo much water

Pennsylvania is good! Especially in the city of Philadelphia or the outskirts of philly! You can make anywhere from $23-$28 starting


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rural area


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