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Where to go to school?!


I am sooo confused right now. I am going to STLCC Meramec at the moment...just doing pre-reqs. I will be on the waiting list there after the upcoming Spring semester when I finish Chemistry. But an advisor told me I won't get in until Fall 2010 or Spring 2011. I want my BSN so am debating between going to Meramec and working while I get my BSN or just getting the BSN right away.

There are so many nursing schools in and around St. Louis. SLU, UMSL, Mizzou, SIUe, STLCC, Chamberlain, Barnes Jewish, SEMO...the list goes on and on...I do not know w hat to do! :bugeyes: And then a lot of them have different pre-reqs...

Anyway, I am looking at UMSL mainly. I think I could get in for Spring 2010. It's my understanding that they don't have a wait list and go by GPA. If I am done with all my pre-reqs, then I will enter a a junior and just have nursing classes, right? Does anyone know if there are a lot of transfer students or have a lot of people started there as freshmen? Does/has anyone gone there...do you like it? Can I schedule an appointment with an advisor, since I don't go there? Then there is the cost of UMSL versus Meramec...does anyone know what the tuition is at UMSL?

Sorry if these are all dumb questions...I'm just trying to figure everything out and decide what to do!


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Hello! I am at UMSL right now in their accelerated program. Many students in the accelerated (if not all) are transfer students or already have another degree. In the traditional program, there are a lot of transfer students as well...it's very common! They do accept by GPA, as you said, so no waiting list. Their nursing website gives all the information you need regarding costs and advisors you can talk to as well. Before I was accepted at UMSL, I made a couple of appointments with the nursing advisor to make sure I was taking the correct pre-requisites, and this saved me time and money (because I took only the classes necessary). To give you an idea of costs, a semester usually runs around $5,000 to 6,000, depending on the amount of credits you take during that semester and how many of those credits are nursing related (as nursing credits cost more). I enjoy the program I'm in! I transfered in at the beginning of my Junior year just like you're planning to do, and I highly suggest their accelerated program--just check it out on their nursing website! I've got 2 semesters left now, and so far I've been pleased. Good luck with everything, and if you have any more questions, you can send me a message!!

Here's the website for UMSL's College of Nursing:



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If you want to go UMSL and you decide that the best option for you then so be it, but after carfeful consideration and listening to the advice of other students in the forum here's what I came up with...

Finishing an assocaites degree first and then working while finishing your BSN has several advantages...

1) You can get many diffrent scholarships at public and private univerites that are only open to community college grads... Phi Theta Kappa among others

2) You get tution assistance from your employer.

3) Once you finish you BSN, youll have an edge over other BSN grads-- work expreince outside of clincials.

i think you can get into the program at Meramec faster than they tell you. I was on it only a year. They go really fast through the waiting list. I would at least apply.

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I am an UMSL grad, and many students (myself included) transfer in at the junior level after completing prereqs elsewhere. I had about a 3.6 GPA and was accepted to the traditional BSN program the first time I applied - and for the very next semester. I chose to do the BSN over the ADN simply because I knew I wanted the BSN and figured I could just get it over with in one shot, especially since the ADN would be two years in school as well.

Many nurses do go for the ADN with plans to return to school for the BSN while working as an RN and taking advantage of tuition reimbursement. However, please remember that you will be working and going to school at the same time, which is a pretty big commitment. I think people seem to forget that - I know many coworkers doing BSN completions and they are only able to take 1 course at a time (stretching the program out to almost 3 years) because they are full-time RNs with families along with other commitments. And it's sometimes REALLY hard to head back to school after one has been out for awhile.

The traditional BSN was way more money, granted, but it was worth every penny for me. And I had a bit of an edge when I was seeking employment as a new grad with a BSN, especially since I was looking in an area that only has ADN programs/grads.


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I also have to finish Chemistry before getting on the waiting list at Meramec. Last semester when I registered in May 08 they told me average waiting time 2 semesters once pre-reqs complete so if all goes well after this coming semseter I should be in by Spring 2010. I personally would say stay there because it will be cheaper in the long run and you can start working sooner as an RN and get your BSN while you work. I work at DePaul Health Center already and UMSL offers a wonderful 2 year program to bridge from RN to BSN one night per week at DePaul that is open to all SSM employees.:up: Also if you start working for a hospital you can get your tuition paid for by them. SSM pays $2 for every hour worked up to a max of a little over $4100 a year. They also do loan reimbursement after graduation so if you have student loans they will reimburse those as well.

I am a student at Maryville. I am a transfer student. They do weigh credits taken at Maryville when you're applying for a nursing student position. I have three children so I wanted a BSN WEC program. They have a fantastic program and I've really enjoyed it so far. Their pass rate this year was crazy high. Its a hard program but from other nurses I've talked to their program is highly regarded. My best friend went to UMSL and she said it was all right but she is in the Maryville Master's program. However, she went through the BSN portion a few years ago. I would NOT reccommend Chamberlain b/c of all the craziness that they have had surrounding them. The other schools I am not very educated about. Good luck in Chem and good luck picking the perfect school for you!

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