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Hey everyone! Where is everyone planning to work once boards are finished? Me? I'll be in the CTICU at a large teaching hospital. Good Luck to everyone in their new jobs!

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I Started Working As A Gn Back In May On A Surgical/telemetry Floor. So, When I Passed Boards I Just Kept Working There. My Floor Is Mostly For People Post-op. And We Get Alot Of Gastric Bypass Cases. Its Very Busy And We Have A High Turnover Rate. But, So Far Its Been Interesting. I Have To Do Two Years Because Of A Scholarship I Got From School To Work At This Hospital, After That Time I Have To See What I'm Going To Do 'cuz I Really Want To Work In Labor And Delivery.


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I start L&D 7/19. It was a big fluke. They were accepting 8 new grads with a BSN so I applied on a whim. And me and the NM hit it off and I was hired! I was excited-she seemed like she would be a great manager. OH! Recovering STILL from boards two weeks ago-Jennifer:)

I started on telemetry/medsurg--mostly tele though..........Im puttin' in 6mos full time then I am heading back to the ED...thank goodness! Emergency Nursing is the life for me.. :)

I figured it would be a good Idea to get some floor nursing under my belt......Originally, I was to start in the ED but I had some encouragement from other RNs to "get some experience" first....

I am looking forward to learning all this new stuff....my favorite thing to do. Thats why I think I will keep my screen name as Happystudent....Im always learning and that makes me HAPPY.....!

im so cheesey sometimes.....lololol


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I took the nclex on July 7 and checked the pearson website and found out I passed on July 9 (75 ques). I am going to start an RN internship in the OR at a large teaching hospital in St. Louis in Aug. It is a 6 month paid internship rotating through all 10 surgical services. I am very excited and very nervous to get started. I am excited because I will finally be working as a nurse but I am nervous because it will be all new info that I didn't learn in nursing school because we had such a limited exposure to the OR in school. But what I did experience in the OR during school was fascinating. After the 6 mos is over then I can choose which of the 10 surgical services I want to work in -- depending there is an opening in the service I choose! The services are ortho, ENT, plastics, cardio-thoracic, vascular, opthamology, GYN-GU, general surgery, ambulatory, neuro.


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I have been working at a large teaching hospital in Northwest Ohio since May. I am an RN working in the float pool. I will be getting boatloads of experience! Anyone else working in NW Ohio?


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Thank you for asking, a good way to stay connected and share our experiences as new nurses. I will be starting on MONDAY, July 12, 2004 on a MS/ONCOLOGY floor. Get some MS nursing under my belt. God Bless us all!!!


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I start in the ER tomorrow!! i can't wait to finally start! i have to go through a long GN orientation first but i'll catch up with my ER buds soon! i'm just as cheesy as happystudent....I can't wait to learn either!!!!! :chuckle


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i started as a gn last month in the ccu.


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i took the nclex on 7/16 and started work on 7/28 in l&d


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I will be working in the PICU and will start my job in about 3 weeks! I'm also nervous but anxious to get started. I know starting out in the ICU (especially peds) will be hard but I am looking forward to the challenge!


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There are no jobs available in my area for RN's.... all the positions are filled, and there is a hiring freeze at one hospital, and the one I am at now are considering lay-offs! So it will be awhile before I get hired...... so Im going back to school to get my bachelors!

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