Where can I get a Kaplan review book?

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I am wanting to use Kaplan to study but the online course is so expensive. I was wondering if I could purchase a Kaplan review book from someone?


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check out your local libraries... that's what i did :)


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I just got the thin blue book from the library. It has tips and 180 questions in the back, and it has a cd with more questions.


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I purchased a Kaplan review book at Borders last yr. If you are a member they always offer about 25-40% discounts and if your not already it is free to sign up. I don't recall the price I paid but I'm pretty sure it was under $25.

Good luck!



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OR you can check at a local bookstore and study from the book right there LOL It's isn't desirable, but there are two books mentioned on here that I wanted to look at (the LaCharity book and the Silvestri book with the alt format questions), but with so little money in the bank and bills and gas, I didn't wanna spend $60, so I went to Barnes and Noble today and studied from one book for about 5 hrs. I am going to finish the rest of the book tomorrow, then start on the other book Saturday. I really hated it, but it was better than nothing.

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