Where are ADNs typically hired? Turned down twice for not having BSN


Newly graduated ADN and I am starting the RN-BSN in August. Of the three in person interviews I've had, 2 said they were looking for BSNs only and the other was not going to hire without 2 years experience. Should I look at long term care facilities only until I get my BSN? I really want to work in a hospital and gain experience as I build my career, but it is really starting to get me down. I got honors in school and was expecting to not have a problem getting hired, but I can see there is so much more to this than I thought. I want and need to work to pay for the BSN, but its seeming I can't get a good job until I get it? Any advice?

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Are you in Houston? Hermann in the med center still hires ADNs. Some of the community hospitals too. None of the Magnet hospitals, or those applying for Magnet will hire them.


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I live in Fl and hospitals seem to be hiring both equally. I have an ADN and I got hired into an Adult ICU and a NICU, at a magnet hospital. Not sure about other places but hospitals in my city don't seem to care


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When I lived in NC, they hired equally but would always hire a BSN over an ADN even if the ADN had more experience unless it was an internal hire. There is a strong preference for BSN and most Magnet facilities will not hire ADNs. The hospitals I worked at in NY (upstate) would hire diploma, ADN, and BSN nurses. I haven't begun applying for a job now that I live in Hawaii but most positions again say that there is a preference for BSN nurses especially in specialty areas in the hospitals.


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I think it really depends on where you live. As a new grad I was hired at a rural hospital on the tele floor (I was cross trained in the ICU). There was a RN shortage and not many nursing schools in the area. I moved to the suburbs of a large city. I worked in pediatric subacute (LTC facility). I now work at a Magnet Status hospital in the ED (I have no ED experience and only a ADN). They are giving me 5 years to get my BSN. I also had a job offer in a city hospital in the ED (Level 1 trauma center). I had really good references and relied on networking to help land the job. It is easier said than done but keep your head up. It is a tough job market even for experienced nurses. You may not land your dream job right away but it may just be a stepping stone to what you really want.

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I have an ADN and worked every where. ICU/ER/OB....


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I have an ADN and will also be starting BSN in Aug. I was hired in a hospital on the L&D floor. I'm in Louisiana. All my classmates wen to different locations--L&D, NICU, PICU/PEDS, Tele, PACU, etc. Just keep trying!

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Mainly avoid University hospitals. The majority of BSN hiring preference occurs, not surprisingly, at employers who also sell BSN degrees as a product.

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I think the more logical question is: "Where are ADNs typically hired in your market?" And I agree, the further you drift from a University epicenter, the easier it will be.