When will I be considered NOT a new grad??


How long before i'm not a new grad anymore? Ive been on my own since Dec. but I still feel so unsure of myself at times. I work in an ICU and I get down at times bc I have to stop and ask so many questions. I know i'm getting there and in the long run I am doing a good job, but geez, how long till I don't feel like a new grad anymore??


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LOL..When the next new grad comes along. ;)


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When you've known your left from your right in your facility.

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Until you have to precept a new grad......or until you go to work in a different hospital.;)

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I seriously just spent 45 minutes trying to find this information, because I knew I had a concrete answer for you and I needed to find it! :)

I like Brenner's model of the development of a nurse :


There's a book out there somewhere (which I can't find!) that applies this model and estimates the years experience it takes to reach each level. I prefer each level be described in terms of developmental tasks, rather than years, however, because time is pretty arbitrary in the scheme of things. But, it can be helpful for newbies like ourselves to consider how long it takes to achieve proficiency.

And of course Tweety has already posted a super helpful interpretation of Brenner's model :



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Thanks for posting this. I am preparing to take the NCLEX and I have such a deal of anxiety about what to expect when I finally work as a nurse. I'm getting an idea here...LOL. I guess it is normal. Thanks a lot.

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