When everybody knows your name


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JBudd, MSN

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Unless and until our entire society returns to a more formal mode of addressing each other, the first names will remain. Older follks, I usuallly ask how they want to be addressed; or if I use the Mrs. so&so often get told "oh just call me Jane".

As for the only friend of a friend getting the threats; no. I have been told "I could find your house if I wanted to!" "I will find you on the street (female canine) and beat your (donkey)" "I'll be waiting for you outside the back door some morning"

ER is such fun!:D Now some of those threats don't need my name... but I still prefer not to advertise it.

On the other hand, use of formality sometimes shuts up the foulness from intoxicated or hostile persons brought in by the police. When I use Mr. Jones! in a loud and firm voice, it cuts through the ranting and often gets them to answer me.

I think it depends where you are, as to what people call you! When I first moved to rural PA, it was not uncommon to hear the nurse addressed as Mrs. Smith or Nurse Smith. But we also stood when the doctors came in! We also gave up our chair to them. Now, I go by my first name, and rarely do people ask what my degree is. I introduce myself as Mary Smith, I am here to work with you today!

I also try to put people at ease. I know how frightening it can be in the er, or same day surgery. I say to them... "Hello! I am Mary Smith" I am here today to travel through this experience together. I tend to be politically incorrect...So! If I say or do anything to offend you, please call me on it immediately...! How would you like me to address you? What can I do to make your time here go more smoothly?

People tend to open up to this, and you can tell if they are more inclined to a formal or informal approach... I also promise nothing. I tell them right up front.... Ask me anything, and I will find someone who knows the answer to your question... as nursing and medicine is a practice.... where we all learn together!!!