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Hi guys!

I have 10 classes that I need to finish between the next semester and the summer. So I was wondering if you think I would be able to keep up with these classes....

For Spring 11 A&P2 + lab, Microbiology, Critical thinking & Human Growth and development.

And in the summer 11 CHM + Lab, Speech, Mat 1033, & MAC 1105

Are they too many? And what about Micro and A&P 2? should I take them together? Thanks 4 your answers. :redpinkhe

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I know many people that took them together and did fine.. I took them apart but I don;t think i would have been that awful to do them together :) Good Luck..Just stay focused

i took a&p II and micro together, and it worked fine for me. i'm not sure how hard those two classes are at your school, though. if you did well enough in a&pI that you're confident you can handle those classes, i'd say to go for it! it may end up being good practice for juggling multiple hard classes in nursing school! maybe you could talk to people at your school that have taken those classes already to find out how feasible it is!

It looks like a heavy course load to me. Do you have a job? I have a friend who once squeezed 20+ credits into one semester while working full time however that requires a lot of focus. If you don't have a job other than student then that's a good thing. A lot of the cc's in my area have accelerated versions of courses that only last for half of the semester. If you can take some of your courses that way it helps because you aren't taking everything at once. What's most important is to only take on as much as you can handle and do well in. If you're overloaded and end up with mediocre or poor grades this will only slow you down when it comes to getting accepted to nursing school.

if you aren't working, i'd say that's do-able. i did A&P2 + Micro together. Hated micro, but would have hated it at any time ...

Just stay on top of things, since A&P, Micro, and Human dev are all memorization-heavy classes. Hope you like the library :)

That's a lot, but if you're a focused student you'll be okay. Micro and A&P will take a lot of your time, but they kind of over-lap sometimes so that may help. Good luck!

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