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What's been your experience with the current job market?

by BellaRN2010 BellaRN2010 (New) New

Just curious if RNs with one year of experience under their belt are having an equally difficult time finding jobs? I'm considering a change in area (type of nursing as well as location) and just wondering how difficult it will be to line up a new job. Thanks very much in advance for any input!


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If you read the forums you'll see many people having a difficult time.

Your question is very vague, perhaps you can provide more details on your plan.


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I don't know. I really hope that after putting a year into med-surge I can go after the kind of nursing I really want and I will be considered "experienced" at that point!

in all honesty the magic one year mark is kinda b********. technically it is experience and all experience is valuable but nowadays 2 solid years is even 'short'. 2-5 solid years of experience is what i see alot of jobs advertising for.

this is not to say you can't transfer after a year or whatnot so as not to discount that year. just my :twocents:


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Having one year of experience is great but in some instances, you still have to compete with people more experienced. It could work in you favor because it would be cheaper to pay you verses someone with 10 yrs of experience. At my hospital some of the 1 yr nurses are having difficult time transfering to other units because others are more qualified. It really just depends.

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this is an interesting thread. i was going to post a thread making fun of the one year mark. i am still contemplating that....

op: to answer your question, i have worked as a nurse for over a too and in my area i am seeing what the previous posters are seeing, that one year acute care experience means nothing! employers are now looking at 2-5 years of experience... 3 years on average. plus the experience has to be specific (icu, er, pacu, home health, public health, women and children, etc). in fact, i no longer see job openings read "1 year of acute care experience required", which was a vague statement that included med surg and anything else within a hospital setting. thus, although i would like to get a part time nursing job locally, i do not have 2-3 years experience in whatever is open (out goes the theory that if you have a nursing license you can get a job anywhere). :down:

btw, we are not the only ones being rejected. i know of nurses who wish to move out of their specialty (nicu, peds, l&d, or dialysis) and willing to work in med surg, but they too are unable to land a job or transfer because they lack recent med surg experience. :uhoh3: