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What's in your crash cart?


Does anybody's crash cart contain Versed? Being a controlled substance, I wouldn't think it'd be in there....but when anesthesia came to emergently intubate a pt in our dept last week, they asked me to get some Versed for them to intubate. I would have quessed anesthesia would carry that in their box (then again, the controlled substance issue), or else maybe used a bump of Propofol or something. Just curious because some of my co-workers thought Versed should be in the crash cart.

If Versed was in our crash cart it wouldn't last one day there without a breakin. The crash cart is only "locked" for show with a plastic "lock". When the lock is missing the pharmacy knows we have opened the cart. I believe Etomidate is kept in the cart with neuromuscular blockers and perhaps propofol(I don't recall the propofol). We have easy access to versed and such in our Pyxxis so it is not a problem. On other floors I would think it is more difficult.

Never seen Versed in a cart, only the locked box Anesthesia carries with them.

That's exactly what I was thinking, is that there's no way the Versed could be safely locked in the crash cart--just wanted to see what other people's thoughts were since my co-worker would not let this one go. Thanks!

No, ours does not. Benzos are not emergency drugs. Our boxes have epi, atropine, lido, CaCl, Bicarb, amiodarone, dopamine, norepi, high dose epi, dobutamine, and all of the other ACLS drugs. We use Etomidate and succs for RSI. Not versed or propofol (due to the hemodynamic profile of the drugs).

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It's in the intubation kit which is in our pyxis fridge...

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Never seen versed on the crash cart. Thought we do have readily available in the pyxis. In our ICP emergency boxes we have propofol.

Anesthesia carries a bag with them and they usually use succs and etomidate.

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whoever was code team leader for the day (from ER and ICU) got the lock box with succs, etomidate and propofol and was responsible for it for the shift if a code blue was called anywhere.

i dont think ive ever seen a crash cart with versed... too risky...

look for it in the intubation box. During a code, the pyxis is not easy to reach but the code cart and the intubation box should be present. Review what's in the crash cart and the intubation box so that by next code, you won't kill time. goodluck!


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It's in the intubation kit which is in our pyxis fridge...

Same here.

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