What's the correct answer and why?

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I am still studying for NCLEX-PN and there's one question that I continue to encounter that has 2 answers. The question is.....

What is the primary reason for administering Morphine to a patient with MI?

I've studied from books and multiple online sources. The answer is split between

-To decrease pain

-To decrease oxygen demand

I thought it was to decrease oxygen demand. When I select that answer on certain websites, it's considered wrong. One website stated that the reason for Morphine administration is to decrease pain. The rationale given was basically how painful MI's are. I'm thinking that the reasoning is to lessen pain and that will lessen anxiety. Which will lessen oxygen demand.

Could someone give their opinion? I hate being unsure of things.


Take the MI out of the question.

"What is the primary reason for administering Morphine?"

Now which answer is correct? NCLEX uses this technique (adding extra a more detailed scenario) often. It used to make me second guess myself as well.

Morphine is given for pain. In MI, the pain is so severe that it causes the heart rate to increase which increases the demand for oxygen, which will also worsen the hypoxia of the heart muscle leading to more damage and eventually cardiac arrest. Morphine also causes a decrease in anxiety and is also a vasodilator.

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