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Do you use a clipboard? Do you flip pages, or do you write everything on one side of a sheet of paper for shift? Do you pre-print a special format? How many PT's do you fit on a sheet of paper? Are you an impromptu sheet maker? Have you ever scoffed at another RN's sheet?

For each shift, I use one sheet of the thin engineer graph paper you get at the bookstore for a penny a sheet. Then I fold it so I make 4*8=32 label sized boxes. The floors usually have no more than 28 beds, so I have a spot for everyone. I'm addicted to the .5mm pencil with the soft graphite (4B). Then, for each PT in a box, I have just enough room for rm#, name, and RN name plus 5 spaces under it for vitals, and 4 columns after that, per PT, for add'l vitals input, output, cbg. It took me 7 months to develop the best way for me to write down stuff in a nursing environment. This way, I can have a hard copy of what I'm doing as I put it in echart AND let the RN's know exactly what I do AND make it easy for the RN's to do their charting of vitals from my clipboard.

It's cool some nurses w/5 PT's, use one sheet and circle hours for meds or IV's, and I can only dream about organizing stuff an actual nurse has to note and record. Some RN's just use a folded sheet of paper in their pocket. I guess it depends on what your doing too.193133681

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I don't have a clipboard...but if I did, it would also be able to start IV's, anchor foleys and NG's, push drugs, do CPR, and shield me from flying vomit...


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PS...and it would also serve as a weapon. :D


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my brain

clear shocking pink clipboard. two sheets. one has room numbers down the left and times of day across the top. on this one go vitals, new labs, tmax.allergies.

second sheet is the computer worksheet from the charting program. it has the patient's name-highlighted in yellow, doctor name-highlighted according to his/her chart label color, and diagnosis preprinted across the page. there is approx 1" space between each listing.

down the left are surgery(ies) and date

ivf and rate.


medical problems.

on the right allergies and misc. other doo-dads.

taped inside the clipboard facing the back are the fire code, code blue tel #, restraint requirements, some normal lab values, and hospital and doctor telephone numbers.

at the end of the day, the two are stapled together and put in my locker. at the end of the month they are shreadded.

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I made myself a sheet in a word processing program.

It has five rows, one for each patient, and four columns.

In the first column, I write the patient's name and aid's name, and sometimes the docs name (but that's usually in my head).

I also put general info on the pt, such as feeding status, transfer and amb status, restraints, precautions, etc.

In the second column, I have headings for vs, meds, feeds, ther, and procedures (ie turn, cath, etc.). After each of these categories, I write in the time it has to be done.

In the third column, I have a series of check boxes. Some are pre-written, e.g. check orders, check Kardex, assess, write reoprt sheet, write note. Others are filled in depending on the patient that don't have to be done at a specific time, (e.g. dressing change, labs, etc.)

The fourth column is blank, and I usually use it for notes to myself, re what to communicate to doc, what to focus on in nursing note, etc.

And every once in a while I have 6 or 7 or 8 patients and it all goes out the window.

I have passed this on to others at my facillity, customizing it on occasion, and over the internet.

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Ooh. My clipboard itself is one of those prepreinted with handy info that I never use, and a calculator which I use always!


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we have pre printed patient assigment dohickeys that go across , with the following headings , pt name, diagnosis, dr, diet, vs, activity, and a place to write IV therapy, meds n whatnot....

what I do is take that sheet, and staple another one to it (I get made fun of for my organization but hey work is the one area where I am on top of things!) fold it over and make headings for code status, persisting problems, analgesic orders, foleys , drains and in some cases where the patient might not be doing so hot the name of the family member to contact and the phone number cuz in emergencies you never get your hot little hands on the chart!

our pages have room for 10 patients and I'm annoyed to say that I've filled it before and needed another sheet when short staffed!

(usually we have 8-9 patients on nights- dont get me started on that though!)

Specializes in med/surg, cardiac/telemetry, hospice.

My clipboard is held together w/paper tape from all the times I've knocked it off the itty-bitty podium they give me for work space. On it are computer labels on which I've handwritten the phone extensions for the departments I contact most.

For pt worksheets I use the computer generated profiles from our Meditech program, and I separate any good-sized blank area (or 1/2 the back) into systems. I write the info reported to me in black ink, and down the center column I write my findings in red. The profile has labs, procedures, diet, patient care orders, etc. pre-printed in separate areas, and I highlight the pertinent ones, and draw a little block (in red, of course) next to what needs to be done, and a black line next to what is pending.

I've seen lots of different ways to set up, and I'm always learning and finding new tidbits I like. What I can't do is just scribble everything all over the profile (like I've seen some do) and expect to be able to find what I need in a hurry.

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My clipboard is from "kwik klip enterprises" and has preprinted essential info all over it, including UA values, CBC norms, IV infusion rate calc. tables, 'lytes, abg norms, acidosis vs alkalosis metabolic vs respiratory cheat sheet, injection info, f to c temp conversion chart, breath sounds descriptions, Glascow coma scale, common respiratory patterns, and daily pt. assessment info.

Since I work in an out patient mental health clinic I dont often need to refer to that info. The clipboard is used daily to hold the paperwork for the individual that I'm admitting for services or the crisis call or pharmacy interface.

Mario is clearly proud enough of his that he posts it's picture as if it were his grandchild!

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All of you with only 5 pts. must be students....


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Originally posted by psychnurse.com

All of you with only 5 pts. must be students....

Or nurses in any ICU setting, or nurses with laboring patients, or nurses with post partum couplets, or......




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Or....just damn lucky!!!!!! :-)

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