Whatever "professionalism" is, it's driving me nuts.

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Gotta respond... YA, you're missing the point. Think of it as constructive critism: swallow your pride, learn from it, move on. Everybody wins....

You don't have to do the things mentioned, but people will remember (and respect) the nurse who did!


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I saw a similar article not that long ago, and I thought the pointers were appropriate. Could it be, not that your preceptor was singling you out, but that she thought it was a good article that she thought she would share? Several hospitals in my area have employee behavioral goals that include some of these items...could it be that your hospital is trying for more professional behavior from everyone?

5. Cultivate a positive work environment. Be polite and courteous to your colleagues.

I don't know if this relates exactly to this, but the hospital that I did a recent clinical in had a policy that you were to "talk up" your fellow staff members in the patient's presence. I have noticed employees at two other hospitals as well as hospice employees obviously doing the same thing. There is a name for it, but it escapes me. Things along the lines of "Your nurse tonight is Nancy, she always takes such good care of her patients." Or, "Here is Greta, your Tech for today, she keeps on smiling all day long."

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