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  1. liloadro

    Do I want to be a nurse for the wrong reasons?

    DO it! You don't have any "wrong" reasons and you have lots of good ones! Compassion is necessary and wonderful but you sound intelligent and curious. That's the science part of nursing. To truly help someone, you have to understand what you're doing too. You'll always have the types of people you're talking about - in any job! The important thing is not to miss the important message when it comes. Sometimes, people need someone to listen cuz they have to unload and maybe nobody else will listen. My attitude has always been: this is 10 minutes out of my life that might make this person feel better. I can afford it. I don't have to agree or promise anything, just listen.
  2. liloadro

    CNA shoes - what kind to get?

    I really like Klogs. They are expensive but if you go cheap, you'll be buying new shoes every 6 months! They have replaceable insoles. I've had the same pair going for over 1.5 years and no degradation yet. They're nice leather so they look new much, much longer. and they look a lot nicer than tennis shoes. We also had crocs banned (the ones with holes anyway). My feet would be way too hot in them anyway. Sounds like good bacteria breeding grounds!
  3. liloadro

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    I started college at 41! There are many reasons how I ended up there then: no money, no transportation, no motivation when I got out of high school. Later I was a military wife: moved around a lot. Then I was a mother: still am, but got over that as a reason. My point is, there will always be hurdles. You have to want it and have the support to do it. I did it all with student loans (responsibly!) and a helpful family. It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be but there were others who really struggled. Be realistic and flexible. You might not see every one of your kids' events, but you won't once you're working either. Good luck.
  4. liloadro

    Vent - Business sense and the nurse.

    You're talking about teaching common sense and life skills. That comes from good mentors, life experience and a receptive mind. If they were easily teachable every profession would benefit! I think that's what makes some people successful no matter what they try and others... well, not! Don't forget a lot of people are drawn to nursing because of the "helping" nature of it. Their strong skills may be excellent at that, not financial or management type stuff.
  5. liloadro

    Whatever "professionalism" is, it's driving me nuts.

    Gotta respond... YA, you're missing the point. Think of it as constructive critism: swallow your pride, learn from it, move on. Everybody wins.... You don't have to do the things mentioned, but people will remember (and respect) the nurse who did!