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Hello, I just started back to clincals this weekend. We are now in our 3rd level and Im doing meds. I gave a insulin shot, Heprin, and po meds. Well my instructor chose me to do meds and she walked me through everything the first day because I was nervous, MY fellow students where upset because she spent alot of time with me, One student went as far to say that I was hogging the instructor.

We'll Noone likes the clincal insturctor we have for this level and they want to everyone to sign a petition to get rid of her. They asked me if I will sign. I didnt say anything. What would you guys do? I dont have any problems with our instructor at all. I think if you give respect you get respect. I know if I dont sign it I will have to deal with these students down my back for as long as we are in clinicals. because my signature will not be there. I know it will cause a lot of hate, and this will be something I would have to deal with until I graduate.

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I totally agree. In my experience, I believe if you give respect, you get respect. We had an instructor last semester for clinicals that a lot of students couldn't stand. If you don't feel comfortable signing it, don't. You need to stand up for what you believe in. Don't let the other students bully you into doing something you feel isn't right. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other students that feel the same way you do and just feel like they are being bullied into signing it. I don't believe signing a petition is going to get them anywhere anyway. They are going to probably have to go to the coordinator and work up that latter to actually be heard. JMO.

Now, this is just my experience. Other people may feel that no matter how much respect another person, the other person still treats them like dirt. But that hasn't been my experience.


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We had this same issue in my class last semester, however ONE girl in my class felt the need to write a letter and sign all of our names without even asking us or showing us the letter. The letter was rude and inappropriate, and was composed of nothing but bad grammar. It didn't get "us" (her) anywhere, besides showing the instructors disrespect. You shouldn't sign the petition if you don't feel a reason to, I never liked those things anyway. I know you don't want to stir up problems with your fellow students but they seem to be just like this girl in my class, and if they are then it's no big loss. It's hard to decide what to do though when you have things pulling you in two different directions, but just do what you feel is right. I hope everything goes well with your classmates.


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I wouldn't sign any petition either, although I can understand how hard it can be to stand up to your peers.

Even if I did feel that the instructor wasn't great or that the group was learning from her, I don't think a petition is a terribly mature way to go about resolving the issue. If the other students really feel like there's a problem they should a) address the instructor directly; and b) address the prof or someone in admin at the school. Request a meeting face to face to discuss concerns instead of signing a petition, which is quite antagonistic.

If you feel the instructor is doing a good job, then don't go along with what others are doing. It's your integrity that counts here.


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I wouldn't sign...I don't sign anything I don't think is right.

One time I had an insturctor make our entire class sign a apology to another student in another class (it was pot luck day and some idiot stuck their finger in her pie...but no one knew who it was and because we were the first class in the room the girl chewed us all out.) I knew I didn't stick my finger in that damn pie and I wasn't going to apologize to her after she chewed everyone out (show respect, get respect) The teacher was pissed I wouldn't sign but I didn't think it was right...Never admit to something you didn't do and don't sign something you don't think is right!

Stand your ground!!!!:kiss

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I agree with the others, and I think you also know what the right thing to do is in your heart. Many of us had major issues with an instructor last semester, and our concerns were brought to the head of the dept. and the dean, but there were several students who didn't feel the same way and voiced their opinions. None of us thought any less of them for liking the prof or disagreeing with us.

Good for you for thinking for yourself and not just going along with what everyone else is doing without thinking about it.


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I agree with the folks above, a petition will just add heat to the fire and probably make things very sticky for the rest of the semester. Like the others said, if there is a real problem going on, take it up with the superiors in charge of handling things and go about your grievances in a professional manner.

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