What is your workplace's policy on jewelry?

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and not just earrings, I mean nose rings, tongue piercings, eyebrow piercings, etc....?


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posts only for earrings

no other visible piercings allowed

only 2 fingers with rings


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Your 'not' suppose to wear anything that dangles......gets pulled off or pulled out.......ouch!!! No visable 'body' jewlery. I have had a very small nose stud for quite some time and nobody has ever commented on it. Some only wear a watch, others wear so much that it is embarrassing at times. One nurse has about 15 holes in each ear......going up the side.......and I think it looks rather stupid.

I usually don't wear alot.........germs, damage to jewlery AND patients.


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Not quite what you're asking, but I've got a nose stud and would not work anyplace that objected to that.

Can see objections to lots of facial piercings perhaps, since most nurses work in pretty conservative settings. Luckily, I don't.


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Hi, in Dk they're very strict. Only small earrings that do not dangle are allowed. No fingerrings, no watches, we're encouraged not to wear lots of pins or badges on our uniforms. No dangly necklaces either, the most you could wear would be choker-type chains. No nailpolish either, short nails, hair up. I don't think they care about piercings, as long as they don't dangle.

I'm afraid, danish nurses have to be naturally sexy...:p



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I work In an Australian hospital and hospitals here are very relaxed about stuff like that.

I have an earing, an eyebrow ring and always wear a necklace and a ring on my finger. No one has said anything to me.

The eyebrow ring is a great conversation starter espeacially with older patients.

I guess rings on fingers can be a higiene issue. Then fingernails are higiene issues too. The other thing would be patients pulling your peircings out YOUCHY!!!!



Sarah, RNBScN

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short trimmed nails, no artificial (lots of germs), no visible piercings, no nail polish, studs or sm. hoops (really sm.), hair up and off shoulder, uniforms clean and neat, no slip on shoes or sandals

wow...that is it I think...Currently being revised.


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THanks for the reply. I have several small hoops in each ear, and a small hoop nosering. I plan to put in a stud (small) instead of the nosering. I also have waist length hair so I guess it is a bun with me! :)


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Well for us as nursing students here at Arkansas Northeastern College, we can't wear rings (execpt for wedding bands), no body piercings, and one set of studs (NO DIAMONDS

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