What do you do when Work calls on your day off?

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Admit it this is you. LOL! Don't you just hate it when work calls you to come in on your day off? What do you do? What do you say?

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If they call i ignore it and let the voice mail pick it up. If they text...i text back i can't do it or just ignore the text. The worst is when they call you at 11am or 12pm after they know you just worked a night shift.

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PedsNP2b2013 said:
If they call i ignore it and let the voice mail pick it up. If they text...i text back i can't do it or just ignore the text. The worst is when they call you at 11am or 12pm after they know you just worked a night shift.

I absolutely hate this and it's a big reason why my phone is on vibrate during my sleeping hours. Now they know texting is better but frankly, I usually just chuckle and go about my day. Work has been a nuthouse and those extra hours aren't worth my sanity. I used to feel bad because I knew my coworkers were suffering but hey.....it happens.

About the only time I'll say yes is if I'm planning on a major purpose lol Even then I still think about it for a few hours.

"uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh sorry I have to go wash my cat, bye"

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Don't have a problem saying no. If I am tempted to go in, I ask for bonus pay. No bonus pay, no work on short notice.

I will answer, or return the call. I will, and have, raise holy h% when they call during my sleep time.

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Easy, they are in my phone as "Do Not Answer"

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Just don't answer your phone. It's pretty easy.

If you boss is one of those "I called you yesterday on your day off and you never called me back" types, tell her you were busy all day and don't always bring your cell phone with you.

My workplace got wise to the game and started calling from different numbers. Sometimes they use their personal cell phones to call so they get an answer. I work per diem, so of course I go in sometimes, that's my job. But I learned early on that they cannot take a hint. I have to answer and tell them no or they just keep calling.

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Ha sure enough, Im on a 7 day off and voila! they called just now. Sorry, I left my house on fire, cant come in

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"I'm having a glass of wine" that's my favorite reply. One nursing supervisor feels we should be answering our cells 24/7, if you don't call her back, she calls every 30 minutes and then asks why did you call back? because I am not required to!


If I need the $ I tell management ahead of time that I am available.

On my days off I am under no obligation to speak to my work.

I do not fear answering the phone.

If I don't want to work I say so.

If they try to brow beat me I tell them I am hanging up as I have things to do.

Short staffing is NOT my problem or your problem. It is management's problem.

The fact that it also affects patient care, patient outcomes, and nursing satisfaction is also NOT my problem or your problem.

They may try to guilt me into working, but, as a man I don't guilt that easily. I work for a purpose.


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Vishwamitr said:
It is common courtesy to anwer the phone and say that you can't work. No one is holding a gun to your head. Once they know that you cannot work, nursing office can scratch one name off their list instead of waiting indefinitely for nurses to call back. I always answer the phone or call back if I'd missed the call regardless of what my answer is going to be.

Sometimes I've been in situations when we have been short and desperately hope that someone, just someone would be available. But not calling back or choosing custom ring-tone is just not my style.

That only works if they take the no and don't call you back. I've said no a few times only to be called 2 hours later, then an hour later, then thirty minutes later. I get that they're desperate, but my time is my time. If I have plans and I'm not on call, they can't harass or guilt me into coming in. It's their fault for not appropriately staffing. Now, unless I'm on call, I let the answering machine pick up. If it's something I need to call back about (question about surgical count or something critical to patient care) I can do that. If it's overtime and I want to work, I can call back. If I don't want to work, I can just ignore it.... and the follow-up calls.

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Our hospital used to offer a shift bonus when they were desperate. $6.25/hr over & above your time and a half. Double bonus was $12.50/hr, triple $18.75/hr. By that point, you were basically making double time & a half. (Our start rate was about $19/hr.) I used to live practically next door to the hospital. I could be there in 10 minutes. I worked a lot of extra shifts in those days!

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