What do you wear to nursing school?

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I'd just wear whatever you wore that day to the financial aids office. I don't think your wardrobe would matter.

As for clinicals, it depends at our school where it is. For our community clinical we had to wear polo shirts with our school name on it and nametags with khakis. For most of our hospital clinicals its all white scrubs, with the exception of pediatrics. Students in our nursing classes just wear casual clothes, from jeans to skirts, whatever they feel like wearing.

good luck:D


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When I repplied to this thread about dressing for school, it was a personal opinion given for going to the finanicial aid's office, not that you have to "dress up".

As for clinicals, of course, it is what the individual school dress code is.

We are to wear white and one must be a dress.

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