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What to wear for a day of shadowing a nurse?


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Hello! I will be shadowing in the O.R. tomorrow as part of applying to a new grad program. My question is if they are supplying me scrubs for the day what do I wear under them? Do I put them over my own clothes? And if so what would you recommend I wear to the hospital. I know it always cold in the O.R. so I was thinking of wearing a long sleeve t-shirt but not sure if thats allowed. I never really thought about this until today now I'm feeling stressed out I want to make a good first impression and not seem totally lost:confused:. So what would you wear? Thanks in advance.

Dress light, maybe a white tee shirt. Comfortable shoes, not tight or rubbing. Socks that can breath. Between the excitement of the day, and the busy schedule, you will feel better.

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When I was shadowing in the OR they had me change and put on hospital scrubs. Then before going into the OR hallway we put on the haircap and shoe covers and before going into the OR we put on a mask.

*If you are cold.. dont be afraid to ask for a jacket because IT GETS FREEZING IN THERE!

This thread is also a very good reference when shadowing in the OR.


I'm excited for you! When I shadowed in the OR, I was told to just wear whatever I wanted because when I got there, I changed into their scrubs that they provide to their nurses. Wear comfortable shoes, you will be on your feet all day. They may or may not allow you to wear any outside clothing, such as a long sleeve t-shirt underneath for the cold. The facility I was at had long sleeve light jackets that were also available to the staff and I was offered one, but I found that the cold didn't really bother me once I started moving around and observing.

Here is a link to a thread in the OR section on what to expect when you observe in the OR. I found the information very helpful. https://allnurses.com/operating-room-nursing/soooo-youre-observing-142748.html

Good luck and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

I did part of my Capstone in the OR when I thought I wanted to be an OR nurse. I had to change into their scrubs they provided. I had to wear a hair cap and foot coverings. I wore a t-shirt under the scrubs and a lab coat. It used to get so cold in there, especially in total hip and knee cases.

Make sure you stay away from the blue. If you can, try to get behind the blue covering and check out what the CRNA's or the anasthesiologist do.


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Thanks so much for all your input. Now I feel like I can relax and focus on how excited I am!!!

One more thing. You'll change in the locker room, don't bring too much stuff. Do have your regular sport shoes you would wear on the floor (you will cover them and your head). You probably should have a key or combo lock. Often they have a few lockers for visitors, but often those are gone before you get there.

Remember to eat a good breakfast, (be sure you are hydrated tonight, in case you were running around all day today) and after you change, before you go out of the locker room you need to pee one last time!:up:

cakegirl - how did it go yesterday???