What a way to die!

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OMG way to funny! New kind of gas chamber eh?




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:roll :roll :roll


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Too funny!! Renerian...gas chamber..good one!



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Night Owl...just read your saying..."We will get exactly as many skid marks as we will take" LOL!

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Guess there's truth to the ol' saying after all.."there are things worse than death" !!! :p

jayna, RN

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:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


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I had a Parkinson's patient once who had a terrible sacral decub that needed bid drsg changes. She passed gas in my face every time I rolled her over. One day I thought I would roll her over and wait before sticking my head down there. She held it and let it rip as I went in to remove the dressing. She was non-verbal but I swear I heard her laugh. Her husband thought it was great fun. I couldn't hold back at that point, I started laughing. When I was leaving (I was seeing her through Home Health) she was smiling and tried to squeeze my hand.

I guess it really is better out than in.


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OK, my DH would love the comic!

Gas chamber, I love with 3 men... I live in a gas chamber~


Way to funny. At least you saw the humor in it. Your story was as funny as the joke above!

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