What do you think about the Texas Clara Harris case?

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  1. About the Clara Harris case.

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      They should give her a medal.
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      I would have used a gun, no use messing up such a nice car.
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      Throw the book at her, that defense is nothing but a story made up by her lawyers.
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      I believe she is long suffering wife, that's no excuse for murder, convict her but give light sentence

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Please vote in my Poll about how you feel about running down unfaithful husbands with Mercedes Benz.:eek:


I dont agree with her doing this infront of the mans daughter , That alone will convict her.... If she was smart she would have just put a cap in the two when they were in the hotel playing around being Dr & secretary..... Texas would have just given her the "Emotional distress" and Killing out of rage or passion plea and she would have only gotten a few years out of it. But none the less the woman Drove her car over the guy what 6 times? How many thuds does it take to crack his tootise pop? Imagine what the child inside the car was going through , what horror... She will get years or the chair for this....



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The guy was a scumbag, but running him over several times with a vehicle lowered her to his level. I think a jury is going to have a hard time buying that it was accidental. Me, I would have taken the route that would have caused him the most distress -socking him for everything he owned including his birth certificate. :D Let the guy live to make his life miserable so he wished he was dead......:(


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I "accidently" ran him over 6 TIMES with my car. Duh!


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Unfortunately, this case, the &%$#@! who drowned her 5 kids AND NASA are all in the same part of the city... bad time to live down this way.


which *&^%$*, the one that had a severe mental problem and was married to the man that was fertile as they come and considered that her instability would change by having another child? That one?



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Originally posted by ITSJUSTMEZOE

which *&^%$*, the one that had a severe mental problem and was married to the man that was fertile as they come and considered that her instability would change by having another child? That one?


I can see virtually any reply will spark a heated debate with you and seriously considered not saying anything. However, I'll bite this once.

YES, the husband was at fault. YES, he was a wierdo who wanted children despite the damage he was doing to her.

But SHE drowned her children. SHE was the one who systematically drowned all 5 kids, even chasing one down the hall when he realized what mom was doing. She knew what she'd done was wrong else she wouldn't have called the police afterward.

The husband should be behind bars as well. I resent that he will profit from selling his story and think every penny from such sales should go to charity.

I think she should be in a mental institution instead of prison. (but she should not be able to cop a "oh, I was looney then but I'm doing better now" plea and walk).

In Texas, the jury had two choices - find her guilty of murder and send her to prison or find her innocent and LET HER WALK! Our laws need to be changed because one who is found innocent by reason of mental defect gets a walk, not time in an institution.

They were both responsible, not just him. If the roles were reversed and it was found he had been suffering from severe depression, I do not think we would be having this conversation.

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RE Clara Harris case: She got 20 years, will be out in 10 with good behavior they said. they also said she will probably serve 12-15. With her having 4 year old twin sons, I would have liked to have seen her get not more than 4-6 years and then probation. It was a crime of passion. Husband should have had some sense & not stood in front of her car when he'd just slapped her... her 16 yr old step-daughter got her convicted. If Clara had left her at home, and if her own private investigator hadn't been there videotaping her running over him, she would have gotten off.


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Deespoohbear said exactly what I was going to.

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