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So, I just graduated this April as an LPN. I currently work in a family practice/public health clinic. I really like where I'm at. The benefits are the absolute best! They pay 100% of the employee and family's medical insurance premium, plus match 401K up to 3% and you're immediately vested.

The problem is that I'm not utilizing my skills. All I do is take vitals, bloodwork, UA's, and assist with Pap smears. I never do any Head-to-Toe assessments or any other clinical skill because of the structure of our clinic. Pretty much the physicians and other providers (physician assistants, nurse practitioner) perform the Head-to-Toe assessment, and patient education. I really feel like I'm losing a lot of my nursing skills by working at this place, however, I've become very content with it. I'm enrolled in an online RN bridge program and I don't want to be lost when I transition from LPN to RN by having no skills.

My sister who is also a nurse advises me all the time that I shouldn't stay at my current job no longer than 6 months and that I'm pushing it if I stay any longer than that. It's like catch 22 here. The problem is that there's no where to go but a nursing home for LPN's. Also, I graduated from a school that didn't have their NLN, so my job pool is limited on where I can work.

Any feedback would be great! :nurse:

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Don't leave your current job until you can get hired for another position. Staying 6 months to a year at your current position wouldn't hurt, as jobs can be quite scarce these days. Good luck!

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I loved working a clinic job for a while! It sounds like you've got a great job, which is extremely hard to come by these days. If you are studying and taking tests in your online RN bridge program that type of job can be a Godsend because of the regular hours and overall lower amount of stress.

As to the "losing skills" aspect of it. That's a little harder to answer, but here are some things to consider. First, you may not get to use your head-to-toe assessment skills in any other LPN job either, if you are working with an RN. Second, any nurse who is out of the acute care hospital setting for more than 6 months is considered by many employers these days as "not recent", so you don't gain as much competitive edge by working in an LTC as opposed to a clinic. Third, not all RN programs are hands-on skills intensive either, and their skills will be honed in their first acute care RN job just as yours will be.

So I can't give you super specific answer, just some thoughts. I wouldn't take action on such a serious decision as leaving a great job based on the opinion of one person (even if she is your sister!:)) People never seem to shy away from giving advice "you should always. . . or you should never. .." Do your own research and best of luck to you!


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Thanks for the advice! When you put it that way it makes good sense. I definitely will not leave the job I'm currently at until I have something else lined up. I think I will take this opportuntiy to concentrate on the LPN to RN bridge program and enjoy my current job.

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Good choice!