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Okay so I know that when applying to nursing school, they look at your overall GPA as well as your science GPA. In terms of the overall GPA, do they consider the grades you have made in other classes despite them not being core requirements? For instance, in addition to the usual required courses, I have also taken chem II and lab, bio II and lab, and courses such as women's health and race, ethnicity and health. I also have extra math courses that I have had to take for my major.:confused:


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and I mean consider them for the benefit, I have made A's in them.


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At my school it's your overall of all classes for your overall GPA.


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Yeah, every program is different. At our school they don't even look at overall gpa. It is 50% Hesi score overall 40% gpa science classes 10% critical thinking. There is a minimum gpa in order to be considered, but it doesn't count towards anything. ex if the minimum is 3.0 and student A has a 3.5 and student B has a 4.0 the 4.0 doesn't have an advantage over the 3.5.


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Yep. It really depends on the specific program you are looking at. There isn't really a standard across the board. My program only looks at your GPA from a few of your core classes and then there are other factors that play into your acceptance. (HESI score, # of pre-reqs completed)

You should probably contact someone at the program you are looking into and find out from the nursing department there on what they actually look at.