What does it take for a nursing program to be nationally accredited?


My RN program is only state accredited. It's too late for me to back out since I already started school and purchased all the VERY expensive books and computer apps. My RN program is a new program that just started just a few years ago I was told by faculty that they applied for the national accreditation and it's "processing".

My question is, What does it take for a new RN program to be granted with this national accreditation?

I heard a lot of horror stories about students graduating and was not able to find jobs. Is there anyone out there who did, recently? I'm not so concerned because I plan to go to a university (accredited) after my ADN to obtain my BSN.

Just curious.......


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I *almost* did what you did do and I'm so happy I backed out now. It's a process to get the schools accredited, and the one I was going to go to, but didn't, just REAPPLIED for candidacy. That means what while I was in their orientation and they said inspection was that fall.. they didn't pass or just extended it. I'm so glad that I bailed at the last minute, because it can be hard to get a job if the school isn't accredited. Go here and see where your school is. NLNAC - Innovations in Accreditation but they may or may not be accredited by time you graduate.

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Is it a for profit school? The reason why I ask is because I know of a friend who is in the process of getting her LPN at one of those schools and the are not RN accredited. The problem is even though she can test for her NCLEX-PN people out here are not hiring students from that school because of this. She is going to have a hard time finding a job plus when she wants to get her RN I think she is going to have to start over. She is spending over $20,000 for this LPN program which is crazy. I will be spending under 10k for my RN. I would see if I could take the books back and spend my money elsewhere.


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Yes a lot of us are scared we're wasting our time and money but very hopeful. We were told we're going to get a visit too in oct. I'm really just hoping for the best. For now I'm counting on the fact it is easy to transfer to a major washington state university after completing ADN..I'm going to have to get my BSN anyway since it will be a requirement sooner or later for every facility. I really don't want to back out now and reapply to other schools who knows when would I have a chance of getting accepted againMy school was accredited when they were only doing LPN and lost it when they started only doing RN.. keeping my fingers crossed

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not sure if it's a profit school

Well how much is tuition and do they advertise as "financial aid for those who qualify" meaning private loans bc they are not able to receive federal funds?

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State only accredited schools will not bar you from taking your board exams and getting a license, thus able to work as a nurse...BUT...may make it difficult if you plan to advance your degree as the advanced program may not accept the degree.


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I went to a school that isn't nationally accredited, & none of us had problems getting (good) jobs after graduating. The problem that I see you facing is the transfering of your ADN credits. If it indeed IS a "for-profit" school, then other legit colleges/universities probably will not take the credits & apply them towards your BSN. If i were you, I would leave that school (is it an accelerated program?) & go to a legit community college that's cheaper AND accredited. Yes you'll probably be in school longer but it'll be worth it in the long run so you can obtain your BSN & not be in debt as much.

Good luck!


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It will cost $14000 for two years..they awarded me a good amount of grant money enough to pay for tuition and most of my books.I know someone who graduated from my school and a lot of them were accepted right away at university of washington. We are affiliated with them. That's why I'm not worrying too much, I really would like to know what a school has to do to get accredited..what are the qualifications? When they come and visit next month what are they going to look for?

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EmiliysEmily give you the resource to look it up.....NLNAC - Innovations in Accreditation

Candidacy Status

The establishment of Candidacy status is also a response to the increasing need on the part of nursing programs of all types to demonstrate their rigor almost as soon as they "open their doors to their first students".

Programs will be granted Candidacy Status after NLNAC approval of submitted information addressing the faculty, the curriculum, and the program resources. Further, programs granted Candidacy must be reviewed for full accreditation with two years or four accreditation cycles.

Once granted Candidacy, programs will be able to formally announce their status to the public at large, their students and potential students, and regulatory bodies to whom they are accountable, including their state board of nursing. NLNAC will announce the names of nursing programs with Candidacy on our we


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Do you mind saying which school here in WA you are going to? I know most of the CC programs in the area are nationally accredited. You may want to contact UW Bothell (that is the campus where the RN-BSN program is) and make sure your program is one of the ones with an articulation agreement with UW. If not, you may have to repeat some stuff before being able to enter the BSN program.


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I clicked on the link on my phone and it didn't open but thanks for quoting what it says on the site.Yes I meant UW bothell...this girl got her ADN at RTC (my school) and is now taking her BSN at UW bothell