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I just graduated in may from nursing school in michigan. I have signed up and paid to take the nclex.

What is the typical wait time to get approval to take the boards?

I am also 9 months pregnant and am very unsure when to take the boards once I get approval, I was hoping to take the Kaplan review course but the only one I can take does not start until end of July.

What would be the best route for me: studying, taking the class and scheduling the exam

thanks for the help.


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hi GoBlue! the processing time there in MI is fast. well, faster than the others, i think. I applied for licensure in MI. Im a foreign grad so they require me to submit my cgfns certificate before they begin to process my application. i think it took them 2 weeks to send me my eligibility letter after they actually start reviewing my papers. well, when you feel like you are ready to take the exam, you can register to pearson at that time. so that you wont be pressured to take the nclex within the 90 days the ATT is valid for. good for you you're in US, you wont have any problems in scheduling your exam because there are many test centers there right. Good luck to you! :)

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I somehow feel that if you already 9 months pregnant, then, schedule after having your baby. Maybe begin studying now, and then by the time the kaplan review is over, you may have a good mind to know if you are ready by then or not. Good luck!

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