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I need to know what to do.

I know of someone who is a cna, may or may not be an lpn, and is claiming to be in school to become a PA. She lost one child in a divorce, gave up another that is mentally handicapped, and just had 2 removed from her home for abuse. Is there somewhere that I should report this information to? She has claimed that she is caring for children while she works, and that she is doing in home nursing in conjunction to her schooling. I don't trust this person, and I know I would never allow her to care for a loved one of mine! (a year and a half ago she was suppose to give her handicapped child .05mg of a perscription, and instead gave 5mg, not a smart person!) Please help!


Is she actually CARING for children???? If so, call the DCFS or what ever the innitials are in your area. Whatever the innitials are the state and/or county where you live will have a service of this sort. I would suggest calling them and making your concersn LEGALLY known.

Your name won't be reported.

Maybe she is just blowing garbage about her past, presence, or circumstances. But calling may help or at the very least will help releive your wonders.


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In the event she is actually an LPN, I'd also make my concerns known to the nursing board. She said something about doing home nursing, if she is not licensed the board will follow-through and have har charged as practicing without a license. That should also put a krimp in her plans to become a PA.


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She has stated that she is working in the hospital as part of her schooling, focusing on the area of children. She has also shown up wearing a temp bage for a nursing agency. Like I said, I really don't think this woman is safe to care for people, I can just see her crimping a line, then "saving" the person, amoung other things! What "board" do I report my concerns to? Is there a way to find out what school she is in to maybe have an instructor or higher up take a really good long look at her?

Thanks so much for all your time!

Do you have working experience with this woman or are you just talking about what you feel that she is capable through your personal experience. You never know she may be different in another setting. And if you have never worked with her, you wouldn't really know what she actually does. Right now I think that you are only speculating. When she started nursing school or started working in the hospital, they should have done a background check on her. At least in the U.S. that covers child abuse and other legal concerns. If you are really concerned you should contact the local nursing board.


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I have knowledge of her because I am raising 2 of her children that she gave up before they could be removed, so there would have been no record of them being taken away to be checked. She moved to another state, started school and within the first year the state removed 2 more children. The list of charges are in the process right now for the abuse they recieved. The reason I am concerned is because one of the children I have is mentally handicapped, and when she was with this woman, she was considered "severe" (the phrase "lights on, no one home" was even muttered at one clinic). Now that she is safe, people are comming out of the woodwork talking about this child having spent day's alone in a room, self abusing (she has a lot of scars) and of the neglect that was seen. Her medical records (we have a stack that is almost a foot high, and we still don't have them all) is riddled with nurses and doctors concerns of possible abuse and neglect, but they have never all been put together. There are approximatly 13 doctors and more than 8 hospitals (mostly e.r.). This kid is doing so well now that she is not in this womans care (I have a site for her at http://momofdisabled.homestead.com/Oregon_resources.html

if you would like a very abbriviated version of the story).

I am not out to be vicious, if professionals take a good long look, and are confident in her abilities, I will let it be. I know that sometimes abuse may not cross between personal and professional, my only concern is that the abuse was on children, and she is planning a career on working with children. This is not something that I can morally ignore.


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I was alittle confused by the different threads.

Do you work in the facility that she is training at?

If so, have you talked to your boss? Tell her your concerns, Ask her what to do.

Maybe she can talk to the instructor. It could be that they didn't do a background check on her and this may encourage them to do it.

Unfortunately you are in a rough position since you are so intimately involved. You will have to keep it to "Just the facts ma'am" because it will end up looking like you have a personal vendetta against her and you don't want that. If she gets mad she could sue you for defamation of character or whatever the legalese is.

So just be careful and CYA!!! and if you decide to "write it up", keep a copy for your self.

(a few years ago a nurse at one of the hospitals that I worked in had been accused of a crime. So they terminated her. She went across the state line and came to the other hospital that I worked at......and came to MY unit !!! Since she was new to the unit, I BS'd and said that she would "shadow" me for the night and then the next week she would be on her own. In the morning I told my boss everything and nothing was done.....Until she was arrested for doing the same thing at the 2nd hospital !!! I felt bad that another patient was involved but at the time there really wasn't anything else that I could do that I was aware of.

Good luck.


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I saw your post and say you are in Astoria...I am Clinical Coordinator at a Pediatric Home Care Agency here in Washington. We have offices 'over the bridge' so I am rather familiar with the 'rules'...

Call and report it to the following: CPS, Oregon BON and I would call EVERY agency in your area and speak to the Nursing supervisor...DO NOT talk to anyone else at the agency, get the name and title of who ever you talk to...

In both Washington and Oregon only a criminal background check is done. Even if working with children a check IS NOT done with the child abuse registry.

Even if you have limited first hand knowledge of what this person is actually doing...if there is nothing to it then nothing will come of it...better a so-called false report than an unreported truth.

email or IM me if you need any phone numbers.


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