What SHOES do YOU wear?


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I am a huge fan of running shoes for work and buy a new pair every 6 months or so. I had a pair of Nurse Mates which lasted me two months and then they got too worn down so I decided I would never pay that again for shoes. I do not like crocs even though I know some people love them.

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Crocs have no arch support whatsoever. I can't imagine how anyone wears them. I have horrible feet and have never found a pair of shoes that works for me. I have narrow feet with really long, high arches, my toes are like fingers, and I overpronate, probably because my second toe is longer than my big toe. By 9am on my 7-3 shift I have pain all the way up to my hips. It's the kind of deep aching pain that makes me feel like I need a good stretch, but that doesn't actually help.

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I'm not really a fan of Nursemates. Not very comfortable.

I wear Danskos, and I love them!


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Reebok walking shoes are great ! I too worried about the "right" shoes and went to several stores searching and searching. Finally a retail sales person suggested I try the Reeboks and bring them back if I wasn't satisfied. A year later I still have happy feet !

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I wear those Reeboks with the zig-zag on the bottoms. They're bright colors and my patients seem to really like them. On top of that, they're super comfortable and have an amazing grip, which is important for CNAs! :)


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New Balance running shoes. I have one regular pair, and one that's supposed to be "toning" or whatever (they don't have that gigantic rounded sole like the Skechers ones do). I love them. They're the only ones I can wear every day. I haven't tried Danskos but I'd be afraid of rolling an ankle in those things - the rooms at my hospital are small and I always almost trip on wires, tables, chair legs, etc. as it is.

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SAS - the only ones that keep me pain-free. My ankles do tend to tingle by the end of the shift! I can feel it while driving home! But, SAS does it for me.


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I have a pair of Nike running shoes. The most important thing to remember about your shoes is that they need to be light weight, with support. I also got inserts that are molded to my feet which help support my high arches. I used to get really sore feet before I started wearing inserts. FYI, they cost around $100. Do you wear compression socks? I work 12 hours and I walk non stop constantly. The compression socks help with feet and calf pain and go a long way in preventing varicose veins. I buy the sockwell brand - they are made from wool and they are really comfortable.