What SHOES do YOU wear?


I just started my firt job as a CNA and bought Nurse Mate shoes thinking they'd be comfortable. By the end of my shift my heals are really hurting. I've never had a job that required so much standing--I understand that, so I want some really comfortable shoes!

What do you wear?


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I'm a shoe fiend...I am addicted to buying work shoes.

Nursemates are HORRIBLE, learned that the hard way. :)

My favorite shoes for work are a pair of Alegria Feliz, a pair of New Balance toners, a pair of Anywear Zones (with Dr. Scholls arch support inserts), a pair of Reeboks, and a pair of Birkis Dorians. I rotate through them, and try not to wear any pair 2 shifts in a row.

There's a whole forum on this stuff, by the way. Read through, there are lots of threads on shoes. Nursing Scrubs / Uniforms / Gear - Helping You Be a Better Nurse

I've been going back and forth between a pair of Crocs (Bistro) and my trusty Asics running shoes. No foot pain at all. I've also heard it's better to rotate shoes instead of wearing the same pair over and over.

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Right now I'm switching between Puma Voltaic and Nike Free TR fit. Both are excellent shoes for me but it might not work for everyone else. I've heard awesome, awesome things about Asics, though.

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Oh, and every shoe I own has Dr. Scholl's gel inserts in them. I'm hooked. :p


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I am SO glad I found this post. I've been working as a CNA for the past 7 months and it has really killed my feet. Now I'm getting a new job and want to celebrate with a new pair of shoes...and I think I want to get aquainted with this Dr. Scholl fellow. ;)


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I have 2 pair of these:

Natural Uniforms Women's Strapless Clogs - Women's Shoes - Marcus Uniforms

and I also have a pair of Asix running shoes that I like to wear, but they aren't non-skid so I have to be really careful in the shower room! They're all really comfortable and I must say I've bought so many "nursing" shoes that caused me a lot of pain by the end of the night. But the clogs are extremely light weight and feel like I'm walking on clouds.


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I have a hard time finding shoes that I can stand in for long periods of time. My lower back hurts and my feet hurt. Timberland Pro Renova shoes are the most UhMayZing!!! They have a shoe, a clog and a lace up that looks like a running shoe. The insoles are the most comfortable due to the silicone gel insert in the heel. The arch is just enough to support and keep from hurting. My feet aren't tired at all when the end of the day rolls around.


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Asics and orthotics I can wear every day. NB and soft Danskos only periodically and if I rotate them.


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Dansko's professional


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Nike Shox, hands down. I HATE clogs, Crocs, etc.