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Hello, Iam a newbie RN and newbie to this site. I have a situation i would like to share with you.

I'm a new hire on a OB floor at an urban hospital. When I was hired I told the nurse manager I prefered days. However I was told she only had evenings and nights available at this time so I chose evenings. But to my disappiontment I found out by mistake from my assistant manager that another new grad was hired and was going to work the DAY shift. (this was about 1 month after I was hired, I was there when she interviewed). I feel so bad, as if my preferences dont matter and I'm there for NM conveinence. It makes me so mad because I worked so hard for my RN that I deserve RESPECT and HONESTY.. and mostly to be HAPPY>>>

I'm thinking I'm going to pull her aside and ask her why I wasn't considered for the day shift.

I know I'm making a big deal but I'm a morning person and I HATE evening shift so far!!!


If in my shoes what would you do. Do you feel I'm overreacting. On this job I have about 2 more weeks in which I can switch floors in the hospital and just say the particular floor didn't suit me.

If not its going to be hard to work for someone you cant trust.:cry::cry::cry:


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Maybe she had worked there as a student? Maybe related to someone (I hate to even say this, but we all know it happens). I'd ask, but not confront.

If you want days, see if there is an opening in an area that you feel may be suitable to you. Don't go to another area just because it's days--you will be just as miserable. Think things through, look before you leap! Good luck, let us know what happens.

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I hate to say it, but we are all here for the convenience of the hospital and patient care. As stated above, there may be a lot of reasons you don't know about that the person was hired for the day shift. She may not have been dishonest at all, and that position had been "filled" by prior arrangement.

I wouldn't ask your manager about this as it could make you look whiney.

Nobody is entitled to be happy. It's what you make of what you're dealt that creates happiness. Don't look to others for it. It comes from within.

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A tough call here. If you are an "at will" employee, (not union), there is always a risk involved when complaining or challenging the higher ups. Still, I would open my big mouth, but not in an argumentative way.

I would put in writing a request to be considered for a day position when one opens, and send this on to Nursing dept. I would also hand deliver one to the manager and remind her that as you had requested when interviewed and hired, you would like the next day position that opens. I would also state that you had expected this newly filled position to be yours and see how manager responds.

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I would not confront your NM with this. You have no idea what went on with the interview and hiring of that other new grad. You accepted the position that was offered to you and to complain about it now will only peg you as a whiner in the eyes of management.

You do not know that the NM lied to you. It may very well have been true that there were no positions available on day shift when you were hired. In my hospital, you can't transfer until you've been at a position for more than six months, and that includes transfering from one shift to another on the same unit. Perhaps you were not even eligible to take that day shift when it did open up. Perhaps it was already being held for the other applicant. Maybe she had worked for your hospital in another capacity and so had seniority over you.

If you want to remind your managers that you would prefer to work days, then do so, but only if you can keep your emotions out of the conversation. Do not imply (as your post to us does) that you deserve or are somehow entitled to work a day shift! Simply tell them that you'd like to be informed the next time a day shift becomes available. In my hospital you can fill out a transfer sheet in advance of the position opening up, and it will remain on file. Maybe you can do the same.

Congratulations on landing a job. It hasn't been easy for a lot of new grads to find work. As you've probably already realized, the hard work doesn't end when you graduate and pass the NCLEX. The first year can be murder, and often part of that is working undesireable shifts. Hang in there!

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and yes, i do think you are overreacting.

you cannot assume your nm has been dishonest with you.

situations in life, change minute by minute.

you have no idea what happened betw the time you were hired, and a month later, when this new grad was hired.

in today's economy, you are lucky to have a job.

and, you got evenings over nocs.

most important, let it penetrate what katnip said:

happiness comes from within.

you need to create that silver lining.

wishing you much peace.

truly, there's nothing like it.:)


Yes, it sucks.... but it's just business. Don't take it personally. There are too many factors that you are not privy to (staffing, finances, upper management, prior agreements, etc.). Having said that I would reiterate, frankly, without drama, to your NM that you are interested in moving to day shift as soon as possible and that you appreciate her considering your request.

Good luck!


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I agree that you shouldn't make a huge deal out of this. I have been on the short end of this deal more than once because I stated a preference for something and the other person stated a deal-breaking demand. Unfortunately a manager is charged with managing, and getting the best staff together, not being "fair". I can't help thinking they do feel guilty about this sort of thing, though, and if you stay level-headed and mature in your approach, any manager with a shred of decency will probably try to accommodate you next time around.


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When I was a new grad, I was hired for the evening shift at the hospital I worked for. I also wanted Days. I don't know if you are able to do this, but,this is what I did. I let my NM know I was willing to fill in on days any time she needed me to. I ended up working quite a few day shifts and my evening shifts. A short while later, a day shift position opened and it was offered to me, the new hire went to the evening shift.


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I would doubt that your nurse manager even remembered your interview or that your preference was for day shift.

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