What is your reason for bridging from LPN TO RN?


Hey my nurses, I was wondering why so many people decide to upgrade their degree or diploma. And I want to share why I want to advance from LPN to NP. The main reason for me is because I want to have little to no limitations, I am inspiring to be a travel nurse and open up clinics or small "havens" for people who needs it . and I just find being an LPN would only allow you to go so far. Please share me your reasons :)

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Personally, I made the transition from LPN to RN because I had wanted to increase my earning potential for performing virtually the same nursing duties.

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I am in the process right now. I want more career options than I currently have where I live.


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I am currently pursuing my RN. For me it a combination of wanting to increase my earning potential and open more career opportunities. While I currently love my job, my company is changing the job requirements and all nurses hired after me are RNs. That will mean that I'll be stuck in my current position without the opportunity to advance unless I have an RN.

I also want to do it for myself as it's what I've always wanted and life happened which took me down a different road; now it's my turn! :yeah:

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For me I want to have better job opportunities and of course be able to advance in my field of choice so I am currently in a rn program!!! And nursing is my dream