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What are you doing about reading glasses and goggles


Like the title says what are people who only use “readers” doing to accommodate goggles? We are supplied goggles similar to the ones I used in Chemistry class. In order to switch back and forth from using my readers I have to put them on under my goggles then when I don’t need them I have to take my goggles off (because the glasses get stuck in them), pull out my glasses and plant them where they go on the top of my head and put my goggles back on. Not only is this a pain but I also end up touching my hair and face way more than I should. I wish I could leave my glasses on all the time but then I would be walking into walls constantly.

I found this to be a problem too. I only need readers a few times a shift to see bevel of a fine needle.


Has 43 years experience.

When I first scuba dove I purchased inexpensive reading glasses and glued a lense to the inside of my right eyeglass. It worked OK until I upgraded to corrected PLUS a bifocal in my mask.

A set that you wear on a chain that could be lifted intermittently? A set taped to the iv pole so that you walk up to them to see the bevel?

Not being able to see makes a day intolerable and long...