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Hello. I am applying to a master's program for Family Nurse Practitioner. They have a template of what to put in your resume. Well, I have never won any awards, don't volunteer anywhere or been on the board of any of my professional organizations. I did belong to AORN as a member, but never required participating in anything, just meetings and CEU offerings to us were attended. The school says not to add anything outside their template. As far as awards go, most of the places I worked didn't give awards and if they did to be honest it was given to that one person everyone just loves whether they were the best nurse or not (sorry if that offends others, but I have worked places where the darker brown your nose was, the further along you go). I don't volunteer because I have high family responsibilities for others , POA for older aunt, MIL lives with me and has health issues, etc. I know some say with all that if I don't have time to volunteer, then I don't have time for school. However, I do have my BSN and managed to do that with all the family issues. What I want to know is: Has the omission of such things hurt any of your chances of getting into your master's program in the past?? Thanks.

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It didn't hurt me any. I didn't have any of those things either. I applied to two schools and was accepted into both.

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Depends on your grades really - they often look to the extracurriculars to make up for so-so grades. If you're a strong student, I wouldn't worry.

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Are you applying to USF? It sounds just like my application process, too. I have some awards from college, etc, but have not volunteered. Not much I can do about it now. I am just going to leave those parts out of the template. I am not going to include them and then leave them blank. I am sure that is okay?

I had to submit CV's to all my schools, but frankly I'm skeptical that they were ever looked at. They have a LOT more information to evaluate you on (grades, recommendations, experience) and I doubt the CV adds anything or gets much attention.

If they DID get anything out of it, I think it would be a picture of where you have lived and what kind of jobs you've held. Less awards-focused, more of a clue to your life experiences.

Don't stress it. Fill in their blanks and then go back to polishing that admit essay :)

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