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What are my other options with a nursing degree?

Katholley Katholley (New) New

I am so bored with nursing school and clinicals, i have 18 months until i get my BSN, today while assessment my patient, i had an epiphany that i was just hearing and seeing and feeling what the nurses had documented in epic. I feel that if i had to do these things on my own without the previous documentation that i'd be awful at it.

I'm great at the bookwork part of school but I don't really like assessing which is all of nursing. I just don't feel like I want to be a nurse in a hospital assessing and documenting.

What are my other options? Or will this pass? I feel as if i'm just so bored.

There are soooo many other options out there, BUT, assessing will ALWAYS be something you will need to be comfortable with!! I'm thinking maybe you need to look at why your bored.. Do you completely dislike it? Is it because what you've been doing is very repetitive? Are you not being pushed or pushing yourself enough?

First try evaluating that.. Then I would say work on improving your clinical experience.. seek out new experiences during downtime, work on improving your assessment skills which is priority, push yourself out of your comfort zone, if you see/hear something you don't know look it up, These are just some examples off the top of my head!!!

Best of luck!!!!

Nursing isn't for everyone -- for heaven's sake, if it's really not for you, change your major and prepare to do something you will enjoy! There's nothing wrong with that. People change their majors all the time.

Pharm rep.


Pharm protocol.


On and on and on but you have to start on the floor and get your exp in first. Pay your dues.

Thanks guys! I really have to get my degree though for financial reasons. I hope it works out. Thanks! :)

You might want to consider that it is the school experience that you are bored with. Once you obtain your license and are out there in the real world with people's lives and well-being in your hands, you may find all the stimulation you need to develop an interest in what you are doing. Give it all a chance.

I think you may be right, caliotter3. I was thinking that between my sleep deprivation and care plans/preps, that there might be a difference between being a good nurse and being a good student. :)