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Okay guys. here is my situation: I just graduated from a LPN program yesterday and am waiting to take my boards now. I'm in a position where things are looking kind of hopeless and am looking for some people that have gone through same type of experience that I'm going through at the moment. I'm an originally from S. Korea and yes, I still am a legal citizen of S. Korea and am here in the US as an international student. Can anyone give me any ideas about what my next plan should be after I pass the boards? How likely is it for me to stay here in the US and work as a LPN while I work my way up to become a RN and maybe more later in the future? I would love to hear wise opinions from any one of you out there who walked the same path that I'm on as of now.


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talk to the place where you got ur student visa from and talk to them about your options

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I moved your post to the International forum so you can accrue more responses. Good luck, and I certainly wish you the best.

How were you able to get a student visa and graduate from a LPN program? I didn't think they offered student visas for certificate/diploma programs.

It looks like your post wasn't moved to the International Board yet, they have some helpful stickys at the top. Read through them because there is a lot of information that Suzanne has put up especially for International people. Good Luck.

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Thread moved to the International forum.

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Unfortunately LPN doesn't meet requirements for work visa or immigrant visa plus retrogression has been ongoing since Oct 06 and even if you got your RN it will take years to be able to work. You have no option but to stay in school so make sure you do not overstay. Have you applied for OPT? if not then I think you are going to have to work quickly and need to speak to your international advisor.


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LPN license are basically worthless for Immigration purpose

As SilverDragon has mentioned retrogression is in effect, Get into a RN program ASAP. But you will still have to return home after your OPT since retrogression has caused a large backlog.


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There are no hospitals in S. Korea? Just a thought...


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overstay? as far as I know, I'm okay as long as I keep up with my student status, ain't that the truth? so, do you think that i need to change my career route all together or should i stay where i am and start to work my way up to the higher rank?


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why do you think there are so many foreigners that are coming overseas to study nursing in the US? it's because of the ongoing nursing shortage issue and the good pay that they can get besides who don't want to live in America?

Yes being a student will qualify you for staying. but once you graduate and use your OPT you will have to leave. For me it is expensive being a student and you are not able to work full time and go to school full time on a student visa.

As far as nursing goes, that is something you have to decide.

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