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I am considering suing CGFNS and intrested to get additional opinions. I am just very tired to deal with that organization which take money and do not do its job. Thanks.


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How long have you waited? CGFNS take their precious time i had to wait about 6mnths and did a lot of phone calls .

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I agree with the above reply, CGFNS take their time are running approx 2 months behind but at the end of the day, they are the only ones that can do the job, and if they are over run with applications it is us that will suffer

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While I recognize I am not an "international nurse," I hope my participation is accepted here, at least for the moment.

I know what you mean about the frustration of waiting.... In my school, once I have finished my academics, I have to wait 4-6 months to do my clinical "final exam," which in turn must be done before I can take the NCLEX.

Judging by the number of international nurses I've worked with (large metro area...), CGFNS must be doing something... Please don't give up your dream--we need you!

I am sure you will get here eventually--and until then, please allow me to offer something in advance that I love to say whenever I meet someone newly arrived--"Welcome to the United States."

Someone told my grandfather that about 85 years ago. I'd just like to pass it on!

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Undoubtedly, CGFNS has to do its job and check documents. I understand that it may take a while. I have been waiting for more than one year, I have missed three exams, I have sent my documents at least twice. Its demands illogical and impossible. For instance, CGFNS requests to provide license validation form from Russia. There is no license validation in Russia nor the former Soviet Union. A nursing diploma automatically grants the to work as a nurse there. In addition I've never lived in Russia and never worked there. What document should I provide? I phone there frequently, I send emails weekly, I send ground letters but reply. I am giong to give up and recently I've started registration in three other countries.


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We should consider a class action lawsuit. CGFNS is undoubtely a very slow-moving machine. I am in New York and in a similar situation with many people in this forum. I have made numerous phone calls to both CGFNS and to our home country where our education and diplomas were issued, Russia. CGFNS states that they mailed several requests for documents, but our school tells us that they have not received anything. There are no receipts or documents at the post office proving any mailwas sent from CGFNS as well. They are playing a huge game of cat and mouse. I found out through the NYS Office of Professions that once they receive the packet from CGFNS (even if it is missing any documents) they will contact US to make an attempt to get those documents (which we have, original and certified translations) we will then send our copies to them, then they will send it off to the college for stamping. We have waited over the 180 supposed days that CGFNS allots, and at this point am hoping they just release our application to the state. Unfortunately, they make foreign nurses have to deal with CGFNS as a form of punishment. Maybe a test of will and desire even.

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1. Where did you attend nursing school? Was it in Russia or Israel? CGFNS is aware that the Russians do not take an exam like the other countries do. They go over each case on a case by case basis due to the great variety in curriculums in different programs. They have to make sure that the appropriate number of hours were completed for each subject, if not you have to complete that subject at an approved nursing school to be eligible. The only reason I know this is that I own a school in Bangkok and deal with CGFNS on a regular basis.

2. I do know for a fact that some of you do not follow what the application says to do: that verification from your nursing college and (if needed) your nursing board are not sent in sealed envelopes that are stamped with the government stamp and have a signature over the flap. You can put as many envelopes as you want into a courier envelope and send it that way to make the price cheaper. If the form is not received in it's own envelope it is not accepted. I know, I have seen it happen with several of my students that mailed things before they started working with me.

3. While everyone is busy complaining about CGFNS, have you taken and passed your required English exams? Remember that you must complete the sections on writing and speaking in order to work in the US.

If I can be of more assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me by private message, if you would like.

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I've gained my basic nursing education in the former Soviet Union. My nursing school is located now in Ukraine. CGFNS's got my transcript in its own sealed envelope. In addition, they have my lisence validation form Israel as well as my trancripts of completing registered nursing program, first degree in nursing and second degree in managment and me certificates of being certified nephrology nurse and clinical instructor. Also they have my TOEFL and IELTS results. Needless to say that they have all needed documents but I do not know why but CGFNS is unwilling to proceed my file. So, I've decided to apply to immigration another country.

Thank you for trying to help.

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Good luck to you, wherever you decide to emigrate to......

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