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What next?

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Just had a rude awakening to say the least. Turns out that one of the patients that I've been working with all week has been moved into isolation with(drumroll please) Respiratory MRSA. Needless to say all the staff that worked with her up until she was put into iso went near her unprotected(no masks, gowns ect.) Oh well, hopefully, none of us will come down with it. It's only rock and roll right? Peace, Warrior Woman.

Don't you think after something like this the hospital should have to test everyone who had contact with the patient??

MRSA is usually not a problem for healthy individuals. It is more of a concern for people who are already compromised. Our infectious disease specialist tells us that a fairly large percentage of the population is colonized with MRSA, and that an even larger percentage of nurses is colonized. Please note that colonized does not mean infected. Even if the patient was coughing and bringing up secretions, you are probably not in any danger unless you got them on an area of broken skin. I should think that you would be more concened about spreading the organism to your patients, since thay are at much higher risk than you are. This is another example of why handwashing and universal precautions are so important.

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Excellent Post RNICU!!

I would like to tell that this will never happen again, but it will. You will find that in nursing finding a patient you have taken care of in isolation is an all too common occurance. It is a scary part of the job.


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What RNinICU said is what I was always taught as well. (singing) wash hands, wash hands....use soap and wash hands...hot water, wash hands.....dry thoroughly and wash hands!

I'm okay really. Just a little surprised at the late notice, but I'm not worried about it or anything. But the extra facts did help me understand a lot more, so thanks for the info!!! Love and peace to you, Warrior Woman.:)

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