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I am in a quandry. My unit closed and I don't know what to do next. I have prayed about this and I will tell you what the #1 answer is. Everyone I have talked to says this. "Retire". I am only 54 but nursing has broken my body. Bad feet, bad back, bad knees. I just can't keep up with patients any more. I can't do the long halls any more and I can't do moving patients around I have been a nurse for 35 yrs, and to tell the truth I am tired and I ache all over.


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I am so sorry. Isn't there a less strenous job you can interview for with your years of experience? I hear of so many alternatives to bedside nursing.

Try teaching, or returning to school. No kidding. I am 58 and don't intend to quit any time soon. You might look at Home Health or Hospice agencies to see if they need someone in the office (if travel is too rough). Think about all the places that need a nurse: Public health, schools, industry, insurance companies---good luck!!!

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Please don't leave nursing. You can leave bedside, but please stay in the field. Your vast years of experience and expertise are too needed for you to stop now.

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Hospice? Phone triage? work for insurance company? work for red cross?


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I'm with Dalzac. I feel your pain in my shoulders and my feet. I want another route too.


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Have you thought about home health and private duty??

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I have to second the teaching suggestion. Being a brand-new nurse, I am recently out of school and I know how much they are in need of experienced nurses to be teachers in our clinical labs!!! You could pass on valuable knowledge : ) and zero heavy lifting/standing all day.

Another suggestion might be to try school nursing for the elementary schools- it would of course be a whole different ballgame than hospital nursing but the hours would be great, no nights or weekends : )

There are also many nurses I know that are in teaching positions within the hospital- they set up the orientation for new-grads, run the competencies for the units, train for BLS/ACLS etc.

I know a nurse who just recently came out of retirement to work in our outpaitent oncology unit- she was bored out of her mind at home after a lifetime of grueling mental stimulation : P If you have no desired to retire, there are so many avenues open to you. Good Luck!

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