What MDS data entry and resident management software does your facility use?

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And how do you like it? The facility I work for recently changed from RCS and RAVEN to another system (I won't mention the name). I am having such a hard time liking it, because it is so complex and difficult to use. I know I need to give it time, but it has been over a month already and I'm STILL not liking it. I was just curious what systems you all use.

crissrn27, RN

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We use American health tech. Its OK, I've worked with a few systems and it seems they are set up alike. Of course, haven't used all of them.


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American healthtech here too


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We just currently switched from WinCare to Point Click Care. What a God sin ...!! It is absolutely user friendly.

It is there for you at a click of a button. If they don't have what you want- they will send it to technical support

and they will enhance your program down the road. I LOVE IT ...

Ruas61, BSN, RN

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Point Click Care here.


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We use SOS web based program in upstate NY and of course the Caretracker system along with it. I have used SOS for the last 15 years so I really can't compare it to anything else.


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We use Obra-EZ which is from MDI achieve out of Dallas, when you call them they say Quick Care but it is not? When we first had this system we were in dos, we had to change over all data from dos to winobra, that was crap and we had no training with the system until 6 months after we were using it. Then I realized how much stuff I had to change. I have not seen our company send us to any new training for over 3 years and lots of staff have come and go, I have tried to teach a few but I am not a computer techy person but I do pretty well so my coworkers say, There are a lot of different types out there. I have no clue if when the 3.0 comes about they will just send up and upgrade or give us any training??? the Joys of LTC!!! :o


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I saw on their website PointClickCare is hosting a Webinar next week and will be doing a demo of their web-baed MDS software.



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MED e-care is the best I have seen. All WEB based so you only need a web browser and everything is built in. www.mede-care.com


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We us VistaKEANE (KeaneCare?)... it is the only one I have ever used so not sure how It compares.... I like it okay but again, nothing to compare it to

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