What makes a co-worker someone you look up to?


As with everyone who's ever had a job, some people just excel, and are easier to respect than others... I don't have to like someone to respect them, but I have to respect them to like them.

One of the nurses I most respected was a royal pain in the butt.... but she was an incredible nurse. A lot of knowledge that she knew how to apply, years of experience, and always put the patients first. She scared the poo out of most people (I got along ok with her), but I knew that if I ever had to be admitted to that hospital, I'd want her as a nurse- she could pick up on subtle things long before they became big issues. :nurse: She was great with the patients- not so much with other staff- but not one person could say she was even a mediocre nurse. :)


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I look up to those people who have a wealth of knowledge and can apply it. Someone who is open to new suggestions and listens to new research, not just doing something because that's how its done. Someone who no matter how busy they are doesn't show it to their patients, they always find time to talk to their patients and reassure them. Someone who can manage well especially under pressure and who treats co workers with respect regardless of how stressful it is that day.


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There is one nurse I work with that I have the utmost respect for. She truly advocates for the patients. She precepted one of my friends and expected her to be there early to look up meds, and always look up policies and procedures before doing something. She also questions policies and has actually had some changed. Above all, she is extremely knowledgable and uses that knowledge to provide quality care.


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I respect nurses who can stay calm even in the mist of craziness. They do not have to be exceptional nurses but nurses who put the pt first and walk away with a smile behind the pt's back. They are good (not perfect) at what they do and never make anyone feel inferior. I work with quite a few.

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1) They're smart AND curious -- why is that patient sweating? why is their rhythm suddenly having peaked T waves?

2) They treat their patients like family

3) They aren't "too posh to wash"-- they're the first ones to help with the 6000 pounder with c-diff, or the GI obstruction that's projectile vomiting from one end of the room to the other. Nothing is "beneath" them.

4) They aren't too good to help you learn what they know. Knowledge you can't or won't share dies with you (or the patient). Knowledge shared keeps people alive.

5) They treat you like an equal and have your back when things start going bad, instead of hanging you out to dry.

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Competence, compassion and discretion. Do your job with a positive attitude for colleagues and patients and keep your personal drama to yourself. That's all I ask.

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I have worked with some wonderful nurses and the thing to me that separates the good nurses from the great nurses is the ones that so generously share their knowledge and pointers with other nurses. It doesn't cost to share what you know and it actually elevates the person in my eyes.