What do you make? if I may ask!

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I am going back to office nursing after working in OB at the hospital. I am taking a $6.50/hour cut in pay, but have weighed the pros and cons. I could NOT do nights.

I am going to work per diem at the hospital to make up for the lost $$ and to keep up my skills. It also helps to keep a foot in the door should a day position ever open up.

Just wondered what most office jobs pay. I know it is usually if not always lower than the hospital.



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I made $21.52 an hour (starting & ending) as an RN in a Peds office, the work was 75% advice/triage, 25% patient care.


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I make $48,000 as an office nurse in pediatric neurology. I live in northern New Jersey.

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I make $19.50. Lots of opportunities for OT if I want them. I was happy to give up shift differential and charge differential in exchange for normal life differential ;).


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I'm VASTLY underpaid.....I just got a 50 cent raise, I now earn $17 an hour in a very busy family practice in Canada.



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No Laura, I only make $12.50/hour. But I do get my insurance for free, a pension and other benefits. But the $$$$$ isn't much!


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I am a 42 year old new grad nurse with no hospital experience, just took a job in a very busy family practice office making 27,900/yr with great medical benefits for my whole family, paid holidays, no nights and NO WEEKENDS!!!!!!!!!! I know I will miss the hospital experience for now, but the benefits and time schedule will be great.


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New grad--May

$20/hr + benefits


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In the SF Bay Area new grads average 60,000 a year. A new grad I know works med surg nights and started at 40.00 an hour.

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